January 9, 2014

World Run – Run With No Finish Line In Sight

By Marek

No Finish Line Running

May 4th 2014 – the day the Wings For Life World Run will be hosted. The most exciting bit about the race – there is a starting line, but NO finish line – running till a car catches you.

I came across the news of this race a couple months back and as I like cool run races, I had it in the back of my mind to enrol. Then, a few days back, I actually visited the site – http://wingsforlifeworldrun.com – where I discovered there is more to it.

Wings For Life World Run

The race will be held in 38 locations world wide – all starting at the same time. Luckily I live an hours drive from mine and it will start at 11:00 in the morning, but for some, in places like California, it will start at 03:00. The brilliant thing is, there is no set distance. Each runner goes at their own pace. The catch – 30 minutes into the race, a car is released to follow the runners. At first going slow but gradually picking up pace. So if all you do is walk, your race will last just over 30 minutes and a couple of miles. If you run, then you can go farther than a marathon. So not only is there competition between the runners, but a car is chasing you as well.

Great Starting Platform

For those who had never taken part in an organised race, this is a great one to start with. Maybe you are unsure of what distance to compete in? RunnerNo problem. With no finish line, you can go at a comfortable pace and see how far your legs take you. And when that car appears behind you, it can give you that extra push you did not know was in you.

Take part, along with couple hundred thousand people around the world in this cool race, helping to raise money for spinal cord research. I’m getting everyone I know to join in.

Let me know your thoughts on this race concept!