March 26, 2014

Weider’s 6 – Flatten Stomach Fast

By Marek

Weider’s aerobic 6 exercises flatten the stomach. That’s a fact. If you succeed to complete the 42 day program, you are guaranteed to get flat stomach fast. How does it work?

6 Aerobic Exercises

The workout is broken down into 6 individual exercises.
Exercises flatten the stomach(1) Lie down on a flat surface, arms flat along the body. Alternate raising each leg forming a 90 degree angle between the knee and the hip. Raise your shoulders, however, keep your chest down against the ground. Keep this position for 3 seconds. Hands can be placed on the knees but don’t hold the knees.
(2) In this exercise, lift both legs simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds.
(3) Same as exercise (1) but keep the hands against the neck.
(4) Same as exercise (2) but keep the hands against the neck.
(5) This time raise the shoulders with hands against the neck and hold whilst doing a bicycle kick. This means lifting both legs off the ground and bringing one up to a 90 degree angle, whilst the other hovers over ground. Hold 3 seconds and alternate. Do not lie the legs down on the ground.
(6) Lift the shoulders and at the same time lift both legs to a 45 degree angle and hold for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, bring the legs down but don’t touch the ground and repeat.

If you want to get flat stomach fast, these are the perfect exercises. However, everything comes at a price. You will need to dedicate 42 consecutive days. Although day 1 starts with just 1 series of exercises repeated 6 times each, day 42 ends with 3 series of the exercises repeated 24 times each. This will take you to about 40 minutes per day near the end of the cycle.

Flatten Stomach Fast

Flatten stomach fastWill you build a six pack in these 6 weeks – it’s possible. What you will definitely do is get a flat stomach fast. Diet is important, but with these added exercises, success is guaranteed. A word of advice, this is a demanding task. Some compare this to running a marathon. And from experience I can say, you won’t run a marathon within 6 weeks of starting the training. Discipline is crucial here – no skipping days. Weider’s 6 will help you build ab muscles – keeping them will not require such strenuous exercises in the future. So if you are looking to build a six pack or lose a few inches in the stomach, Weider’s aerobic 6 exercises flatten the stomach and build ab muscles.

Click this link for a YouTube tutorial I found to be great in explaining the exercises.
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Best of luck!