August 12, 2016

Vlogging – Great Way To Keep On Track

By Marek

Vlogging – Document Your Training!

Never would I have thought I’d be saying this but it is official – I am now a vlogger. How did it come to this? As usual, a number of circumstances coming together. Over three months ago, on my 39th birthday, I decided to post a video on YouTube. The goal was setting out to do a backflip for my 40th birthday. I thought that I would post little updates from time to time on my progress. Well guess what? vloggingThree months have passed and I have not done a single thing to bring me closer to achieving my goal. Now, I have about 250 days left to figure out how to do a backflip. Something I have never done before, nor come close to.

Why Vlog?

Accountability – there’s a good reason. Putting things out there makes you more accountable. Fair enough, no one might see it now but you never know in a week or a month, as a result, there maybe a following. Internet is a great place to build an image and if you want to stay true to yourself, it is also a place where you will need to prove to others that you can stick to what you preach.
Advice – there are other people out there who have already done what you are attempting or who are in the process of doing it. They can provide useful advice which can help out in achieving your goals or speeding up the learning process.
Community – support, criticism, likeminded people – all this can be expected from vlogging.

What Do I Hope To Achieve

First, I want to do the backflip because that is my main objective. However, I figure that if for 250 days I should only talk about the backflip, I will succeed in posting the most boring vlog out there. Hence, I hope to mix things up. Throw in some other challenges along the way, promote HelpGetFit. Most of all, I hope to draw some likeminded followers. People who can provide me with tips as well as share their experiences in similar feats.

Here is the link to my first Vlog – check it out and please give me some feedback – more importantly, some advice. I really need your help to get started and train to do a backflip!