June 20, 2014

Train Hard Recover Effortlessly

By Marek

Better yet, train wise. Hard training is good, as long as it is done properly. No use killing oneself, performing exercises that are done incorrectly and bring no results. Hard, improper training only brings poor results and injury. Training hard and wise brings the results and keeps injury free. What is more important, and sadly greatly overlooked, is the recovery process. If only there was a way of training hard and recovering effortlessly.

What Is Recovery?

The problem with recovery is that it is not an easily defined and observed event. Train hard recover effortlesslyMany aspects influence recovery, some events influence recovery even prior to the physical workout, like nutrition. In the simplest form, recovery is the return to the normal condition. In terms of our body, recovery is the process of returning of the muscles and the bodily functions to the pre stress condition which was inflicted during a physical activity.

Best Ways To Recover

Probably the highest ranked method is rest, better yet, sleep. At this time, the body can heal itself. Next on the list is nutrition. What the body is fed pre and post workout, has a tremendous impact on how quickly it will regenerate. Different foods require different digestion and provide different nutrients (or the lack of). Eating a greasy burger followed by a sugary drink after a race only brings more strain on the digestive system and creates more waste that will need to be processed by the body and cleared out of the system, in turn, prolonging the recovery process.
Third, there is the warm-down. This is likely the most neglected method. Take a look what happens after marathons or other endurance events. More than 99% of participants walk away right after crossing the finish line, forgetting to give extra time for a warm-down. This is a key element in the recovery process. Sudden stop after a physical activity does not allow the cells to rid themselves of the extra waste that was produced during the activity. The blood flow slows down and the waste remains in the body for a longer time. This in turn brings muscle soreness and the heavy feeling thereafter.

Recover Effortlessly

Recovery requires effort. Not a great deal of effort. Really, it’s not the effort that is the issue, it’s the time that it takes. In the 21st century, where time is the most precious commodity, recovery is neglected. It is neglected to save time in the now, however, long term effects and the time it saves in the future is not taken into account. Taking the extra few minutes to warm-down today can prevent an injury in a month’s time and allows participation in physical activity for many extra years in the future.
But what if there was a method, a way, a product that would allow to train hard and recover effortlessly? With no extra time required….

Recover effortlessly
Train Hard, Recover Effortlessly!