September 4, 2015

Time Off From Running

By Marek

Taking Time Off From Running!

I never thought it would ever come to this but I am actually taking time off from running! How could this be? I have been running for nearly 3 years now and have never taken time off from running. Yes, I have had a couple of days off. I have always considered 3 days off to be the maximum anyone should ever take – not professionals of course but amateurs like me. Over the last 3 years, I think I have had a break longer than 3 days only once, and it was not an easy task. However, this time, I took 5 days off. time off from runningNot intentionally mind you. It was not a planned rest. Initially, I was convinced that I would run most days this week but as time passed, I convinced myself, that a break is due. Laziness? Possibly…

Starting the Week on the Right Foot

Usually, I like to get my week started on the right foot. I am very disappointed if I do not run on a Monday. However, this week, a Monday was a Bank Holiday. For those who do not live in the UK, it simply means, we had a long weekend. I like running on days off work but this time, it was different. I felt I deserved a day off. It was the last day of the month and I had already topped the 300km mark for the month. I initially intended to run 350km that month but since the goal was set too high, I figured I would settle for 10k per day average. Tuesday came, marking the start of the month but I was not in a rush to go out. There and then, I had a slight suggestion in my mind that maybe I should take a longer break. That a week off from running (by a week I mean a working week – 7 days is far too long) could be a possibility. I hate taking time off from running, yet sometimes, I feel a subliminal urge to rest. This was a very strong sign this week. So I used all persuasion I could to fulfil the request of my body. Deep down, I feel ashamed that I let that little voice within me control the events of this week, but I feel that the time off from running which I had will work in my favour. Why? Well, I got all the rest I needed. There was no waking up early (ok, it is a lie, I did get up very early to go running, however, I went back to bed). I though that here, I would list a bunch of things that justified my time off from running, but there is nothing that comes to mind. It is not to say, that it is not justified, it is to say that I am not experienced enough to know why. I know this much – it will not hurt me!

Time Off From Running

Deep down, I feel that I have let myself down. On the surface, I feel that I have made the right step. I had a very good month of running the previous month. Although I did not reach my target, I still ran a good distance. What is more important, I have run on different terrain, I managed to do a few barefoot runs, I did some hill runs and near the end of the month, time off from runningI attacked a hill which will feature in a race which I will have in a few weeks time at an amazing pace. I have also run on a proper track, which I hope to incorporate in my runs – especially for interval training. Hence, taking time off from running, at least in my mind, has been justified. 5 days off is not much, yet I feel it will prove very rewarding going forwards. I already know that I need to push myself harder and that discipline is very important. Taking 5 days off means that my body has had enough rest to go for some time now – no excuses! Right now, the focus will be on getting out. Once out, I know there is no stopping me. Once the running gear is on, there is no turning back – I have never turned back until now, and I do not intend to do so going forwards. Once out of the house, there is no turning back. Time off from running is necessary but it can be used as an excuse only once in a long while – for me, it is every 3 years!