March 5, 2014

The Richest Man In Babylon – Book Review

By Marek

“The Richest Man In Babylon” by George Samuel Clason

Richest Man Babylon

The Richest Man In Babylon – HelpGetFit

A tale of the man who became the richest citizen of ancient Babylon. Not only are the stories beautifully presented, they provide the clues – secrets as some may call it – to wealth and prosperity which are very valid in current times.

Brief Summary

A collection of parables detailing events which all of us can relate to. Events which shape our financial standing. Parallels can easily be drawn and adapted to modern life, for the lessons taught are the basis of financial success. To some a secret, to others wise lessons. Simple lessons, yet ones we likely take for granted and do not give sufficient attention in our daily actions. With themes like “seven cures for a lean purse” and “five laws of gold”, the author of The Richest Man In Babylon takes us on a journey through our own life, reflecting on the choices we made helping us, or holding us back from attracting wealth. Read about the secret steps attracting wealth.

Average customer rank: 4.5/5


  • Very simple ideas which can be adapted into everyday life
  • Parables make the dry topic fascinating
  • Presented laws have worked for many, they will work for you as well


  • Being set in your own ways and unwilling to implement change, the ideas presented in the book will not work for you
  • Written in ancient times, certain views and habits are outdated

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My overall rank: 5/5


Are we not like the slaves of Babylon? Many of the slaves lived like free men, they had families, land and their own slaves, yet they were bound to a master. Working for others makes us like these slaves. We have our families, our homes, yet are bound to our master, the employer. Set forth in this book are ideas, laws that guide to a path of freedom. Breaking off the shackles and forging our own personal wealth. Through this wealth we can enjoy more freedom and have more time to focus on our health, fitness and enjoy life to the fullest.


Be careful. Ideas presented in this book lead to success!