November 23, 2013

Start Preparing Now For Spring Running Events

By Marek

New Year Is Just Around the Corner

Running is a year round activity, yet the bigger organised running events tend to appear in the Spring and Autumn. Have you already signed up for an event in the Spring?Run in autumn If you have, time is ticking away. Winter is almost here and the weather is not on our side in these months.

Start With a Plan

Most obvious – have you already signed up for an event? If not, what are you waiting for? Avoid disappointment and secure your place early. Committing to an event, you will get motivated, run more and get out there and train – even in the rain or snow. Better yet, inform the world of what you are about to do. Tell your friends, family, colleagues, even enemies of your intentions. Try to get out of this one then – no way will you let yourself fail in front of an audience.

How Far Do I Need To Run?

The distance you run in preparation will not necessarily reflect the distance you will run in your event – neither will the pace. During your runs, the main objective is to keep moving. There will be days when the distance will be greater, on other days, a short run will be all you can get in. Listen to your body. Most importantly, be consistent.

As the time gets nearer to the event (4-6 weeks before), you will need to get out there and do two thirds the distance – so for half marathon, do 9-10 miles. Even more important, is the time. If you are looking to do a marathon in 4.5 hours, go for a 3 hour run. This does not mean you will need to go at race pace. Walk if you need to in intervals, but keep moving. By going out for a longer run, you will see how the body reacts to continuous movement and will be able to assess your race strategy.

Focus On the WHY

When out there running, remember why you are doing this. Whether it is a personal challenge, a charity fund raiser, a fitness objective or even a bet – keep that in the back of your mind. There is nothing better than a good WHY to keep you motivated and training.

So go out there, train for your event and if you prepare correctly, you will enjoy the experience and will come back for more!