November 19, 2013

Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman – Book Review

By Marek

“Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower”

When looking to learn programming, what do you do? Read a book! When studying a new language, what do you do? Read a book! When going on a diet, looking to build muscle, learn accounting and thousands other activities, we either pick up a book or look for expert help to get us started.
But why is it different when it comes to running? We all feel we are experts at it, step outside and start to run. Well, there are books about the subject, and for those who want to benefit from this wonderful activity, I recommend picking up “Slow Burn” by Stu Mittleman.

Brief Summary

Stu Mittleman is an ultra distance running champion – meaning that to him marathons are what one mile runs are to the masses. This is a man who ran a thousand miles in less than 12 days (that is 3+ marathons per day). And yes, this was all done without sugar!
In his book, he shows what the human body is capable of but in a manner that is easy to comprehend and that can be applied to short, mid or long distance runs. Slow Burn is broken down into three parts: how to think for the distance, how to train for the distance and finally, how to eat for the distance. Each part plays a crucial role in running – the mind, the body, the fuel.
But Slow Burn is not just about running. It is about energy – energy which we can tap into that is stored in our body fat. This is done through techniques described by Mittleman, that help burn fat even when not running. Nutrition is a key factor!
The book is more of a guide, an instruction manual for runners, blending in instructions with examples taken from real life experiences.
Whether you want to start jogging 10 minutes once a week or are attempting to run a hundred mile race, the book will help you develop lasting techniques and understand benefits of running.

Average Customer Rank: 4.5/5



  • Broken down into clear sections
  • Teaches proper technique
  • Describes how to burn fat whilst running
  • A must read for anyone wanting to gain energy


  • At times very technical
  • Will not appeal to anyone who does not want to get fitter, get off their backs or have anything to do with activities benefiting health
  • Side effect – weight loss (or is that a pro?)

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My Overall Rank: 5/5


This is the book that I picked up as I was starting to run. My main objective was to find a source of extra energy. Within the first month I started noticing that I had more energy, was not as tired or fatigued when I had less sleep and general vigour. As I took more joy from running, I decided to run a half marathon. I stuck to all the tips and techniques promoted in the book and managed to run at a decent pace and felt greatly energised at the end! This is the man Anthony Robbins looked to when he wanted to gain more energy.


Stick to Stu’s recommendations – give it a bit of time, and you will notice great benefits from doing so.