September 20, 2014

Running Tips – Lace Locks (Clips)

By Marek

Running Tips

Runners do not have much gear to worry about. For most amateurs, it’s really only the shoes they concentrate on. Throw in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts (a sports bra for the ladies) and you’re all set. With time come other bits and pieces but overall, a runner’s equipment is very simple. But you can have the best running shoes, men and women alike, however, once your shoe laces untie during a race, you are, mildly putting it, screwed! Lace locks nike dual fusion liteThere is nothing more frustrating then having to stop (even for a brief few seconds) during a race to re-lace your shoes.

The Solution

Going through running magazines and web pages, you will find advice on many different ways to tie your shoe laces, which I will not even list. Why? Because there is no need to over complicate things. One of the best running tips, beginners and pros should know, is to use lace locks. An inexpensive device which saves time and hustle. How simple is that? Fortunately, I came across this piece of wisdom very early on in my running adventure, whilst reading Stu Mittleman’s ‘Slow Burn’. The book is packed with great running tips (click here for more details).

Don’t look for different ways to lace running shoes. Use this simple running tip, get lace lock clips for your shoes, because even best running shoes (men and women’s) need improvements. Nike dual fusion lite running shoesI have had my set for nearly 2 years now and don’t ever worry about my shoe laces untying on my Nike Dual Fusion Lite running shoes.

Have you got any running tips for beginners of your own that you could share? Or maybe problems you’d like to address? I welcome all your comments!