March 16, 2017

Running In Your Thirties

By Marek

When I took up running in my mid thirties, my mom summarised it as a start to a midlife crisis. I totally disagreed and disagree to this day. No way can running be associated with any crisis. Is it a lifestyle change? Yes. Does it have positive impacts on wellbeing? Yes. Once again to make things clear, in no way should running in your thirties be associated with a midlife crisis.

Getting back to the main topic.

What is it like to start running in your thirties?

running in your thirtiesFor me, it was a means to a greater goal. That goal being to increase my energy. I found that running was the perfect form of exercise to achieve it.
So, how to start running in your thirties? Slow, that’s right, slow! You’re not in your teens anymore, nor are you in your twenties. If you’ve been inactive in recent years, then definitely slow is the way.
Why slow? Because fast is discouraging. Don’t trust me, then go for a run at your pace, see how you will feel after fifteen minutes. Go on, go!
Are you full of energy? Feel like you could run forever? Or are you totally beat and can’t get up off the couch? This is the difference between running smart and running clueless. If you are taking up running in your thirties, there must be some motive associated with it. I doubt that it has anything to do with spitting your lungs out and cursing you’ve ever taken up running.

What is the solution?

Like with anything, it is worthwhile to do some research. I don’t mean sitting for months on end to figure out everything there is about running. running in your thirtiesNo, that would just kill your enthusiasm and put you off. Just look into the basics like I have done. Get it right at the start and running will become a part of your life. It will be something you will miss when not running, something that you will feel empty without.
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Here you will find a summary of the basics. Should you wish to indulge yourself in a book, then Stu Mittleman’s ‘Slow Burn’ is the book to reach for. Not too technical but covering all the necessities. Go on, have a read and get out there. There is no theory that will top actual running itself. Don’t waste time, or else you will start running in your forties.