January 30, 2014

Run Slower

By Marek

Why Am I Running Slower

18 months into my running career and I am still learning. In my first six months I did everything by the book. The pace, the heart rate, the awareness.RunSlow And then, as I got more confident, new challenges started to pop up. Why run slower, when I can run faster. The ego started taking over. I discovered that I can accomplish better times week after week. So the focus now was not the mere pleasure of running, it was the speed.

Why Run Slower, Run Faster

Here I was, no longer a newbie to the running game. I was able to run faster than before, so why run slower. Not as much excitement then, is there? The accomplishments on my app seem to suggest, that when I run faster, I gather more rewards. So for nearly a year, this was the focus. Yes, there were slower runs which I did not mind, but there was always the search for the faster pace. Not only to match other runners, but to improve on my current records.

Back To the Roots

A few days ago I started reading again the book that started off my running adventure, Stu Mittleman’s “Slow Burn”. And there it was, in the first chapter, the most important piece of information – the key to running and fulfilment gained from it is the slow pace. Something I knew, yet something that I hid deep in my mind. The daily run is about enjoyment, the extra energy, the sights and sounds, the natural motion. Run slower, get faster. The speed will be there, it will come when needed, but life is a marathon, not a sprint. Go out and run at a slow pace and take joy from it. Go fast in a race – your body will be prepared!

With a month to go before my next half marathon, I am reverting back to the pace from some time ago, taking more joy and pleasure from motion, rather than pressing for a better pace. Once a week should be enough to put in a faster run. The pace will come when needed – at race day!

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