August 23, 2015

Rotate Running Shoes For Women

By Marek

Rotating Running Shoes For Women!

Actually, this article is not only with women in mind. Rotating running shoes for women and men alike plays a vital role. When I started out running, I managed to run in my first pair of running shoes for over a year. Nike Dart 9It was only until I had my first running injury that I decided to get a new pair of running shoes. At that time, I figured, the shoes were at fault – it was likely a combination of factors, main one being that I was a heel striker, but one of the other factors were old running shoes. For women, this will only be an extra excuse to buy a new pair of running shoes but guys need to be mindful of rotating running shoes as well.

Rotate Running Shoes

It took another year before I actually started running in more than one pair of running shoes at the same time. I would usually run a pair until I felt it was ready for retirement before I put on a new one. However, with time comes wisdom. Now I tend to swap between 2 pairs of running shoes, sometimes even 3 pairs. Why, you may ask? Running shoes for women and men come in different shapes and sizes, made with materials which wear out differently. Best shoes for running 1000 milesOne of the main causes of running injuries is incorrect technique. This can be a result of an incorrect landing position due to shoe wear. I have a pair of running shoes, which I still sometimes put on for shorter runs, in which I have done over 1000 miles. These shoes have less wear in them than another pair, in which I ran 400 miles. Rotating between a newer and older pair will help to strengthen supporting muscles, which may need to work harder in the older shoes, at the same time, improving technique when running in the newer running shoes. For women and men who like to stick to their favourite pair of running shoes, the advice is simple – buy 2 pairs of the same shoes. This way, you will be able to break the new pair in whilst occasionally going back to the old one.

How Long Should a Pair of Running Shoes Last?

This is a tricky one! It differs from one shoe to another but it definitely is longer than most manufacturers would like us to believe. Remember, the more often you change shoes, the more sales they get. Running shoes for women can often be a fashion statement and shoe manufacturers thrive on selling the image. Don’t get caught up in it. running shoes for womenSure, buy a new pair of running shoes but do not part with the old one just yet. Remember, fashion cycles like to return from time to time. By rotating your running shoes, you will prolong their lifespan. Keep the older pair for your regular runs. Most injuries occur on longer runs if a shoe is faulty. By rotating them and only going for shorter runs, you will strengthen certain muscles which have to work slightly harder to compensate for the shoe wear. This I would consider to be conditioning of the muscle. Same goes for brand new running shoes. For women and men who buy a new pair just before a race, make sure you go on shorter runs at least 3 or 4 times in the new pair of shoes. You may find that your foot positioning in the new pair is slightly different than in the old pair. This involves the muscles needing to adjust. By going all out in the new pair, injury is inevitable.
Enjoy buying your new running shoes but remember, do so before your old ones fall apart!!!