September 8, 2015

Revisit Your Childhood Idols

By Marek

Revisit Your Childhood Idols!

Do you remember the day you watched that special game or race? The day your idol shined, was unbeatable. The time you decided you want to be like them. You would spend days, weeks, months, even years dreaming that dream, practicing, training. And then, you grew up. That dream faded, became more distant. Well, why not revisit your childhood idols. With modern technology and the likes of YouTube, we can go back and watch all those great clips from the past.

Relive the Feeling

Watching those special moments that have meant so much to you back then can reignite the fire. I sat down to eat my dinner today and instead of turning on the TV, I logged on to YouTube. Just by chance, I found a feature with Michael Jordan.

You may know him by the name of Air Jordan! Over 20 years ago, this was who I wanted to be like. I’ve spent most of my free time outside or in the gym playing the greatest game on earth. That was my passion, my escape. With time, that passion faded. Other things came up and the dream was forgotten. Yet now, when I watch the great moments from the past, that sensation returns. I have found a new passion a few years ago – running that is! It brings me great joy and fulfilment. Being able to watch clips from the past, it only reignites the fire and drive to carry on with my new passion. I do not want to lose that drive again. Sentiment can be a great motivator. We only have this one opportunity at life and living our passions should be at the top of our priority list. Revisit your childhood idols to relive that experience once more.

Start Dreaming Once Again

Revisit your childhood idols and start dreaming once more. Build on that adrenaline you still feel when watching your idols perform. revisit your childhood idolsDraw from the energy that was felt 5, 10, 20, 50 years ago and bring out that inner child who wants to dream again. Take up the sport you once loved – you will find your feet in no time. Or take on a new activity, that will bring you closer to reliving your dreams. It is never too late. There are those starting bodybuilding in their seventies, running their first marathons in their eighties. There is no age limit on living out your passions.
Revisit your childhood idols to feel the energy pass through you. The more often you do this, the more energy you will draw. It can be a catalyst to find your new purpose, your new dream, your new YOU!