October 8, 2014

Review – Pure Energy Greens MSM

By Marek

Anthony Robbins Inner Balance Pure Energy Greens with MSM!

A long name for a basic product, but what a product!
I’ve been using Pure Energy Greens with MSM for nearly two years now, hence I know I can give them a fair review. They contain ingredients such as wheat grass, spinach and broccoli which are best for the body. For those who have never tried energy greens, you don’t know what you are missing. For those who tried and found that they did not work for them, let me ask you, how long did you use them for?

10 Best Foods Your Body Needs

If you were to research the top foods needed to fuel the body and keep it healthy, most, if not all of the ingredients of Pure Energy Greens would make the top 10. They come in a powder form, carefully dried and concentrated to provide a naturally healthy pH. Here is a short rundown of the ingredients and their benefits:

Barley Grass Contains all vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary in a human diet. It is extremely alkaline. Barley grass is a concentrated source of over 30 vitamins and minerals. Also, it provides all nine essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce on its own. source: www.purehealingfoods.com
Wheat Grass 2 ounces (55ml) of wheat grass juice is equivalent in nutritional terms to 5lbs (2.5kg) of best organic vegetables. It’s a complete source of proteins, supplying all essential amino acids. More importantly, it is a powerful detoxifier of the liver and blood, helping neutralise pollutants in the body source: www.hippocratesinst.org
Alfalfa The ‘father of all foods’ as the name translates, alfalfa leaves support healthy circulation and immune system. It detoxes the urinary tract, purifies blood and liver and contains high level of enzymes for food digestion. source: www.globalhealingcenter.com
Broccoli Contains high levels of fiber and vitamin C. Rich in vitamin A, K, B, iron, zinc, phosphorus and phytonutrients (which lower the risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease). source: www.medicalnewstoday.com
Spinach Packed with vitamins and minerals, spinach protects the eyesight and bones. It’s an antioxidant and helps minimise DNA damage as well as provides for good gastrointestinal health. And guess what, Popeye knew what he was doing eating all that spinach source: www.newhealthguide.org

My Experience

As I have pointed out earlier, I have been using Pure Energy Greens with MSM for nearly two years. In the first few weeks of regular use, their impact is not easily visible. However, after about 4 – 6 weeks, I noticed a massive change. It was the inner lightness. What I mean by that, is that essentially, you feel lighter on the inside. It’s like all the waste that had gathered in the body over time had been removed from inner organs and the veins. At the same time, I started running, wanting to do what is best for the body. Combining nutrition and physical activity complemented each other very well. Although I lost a bit of weight at that time, I still believe the lightness I felt was not necessarily the result of the lost weight but of a cleaner inside. Pure energy greens msm As time passes this state is not as visible, but I am sure if I were to go back to my previous eating habits and stop using what I consider to be the best green supplement powder, I would feel the heaviness again.
As a result of using Pure Energy Greens with MSM, I am less fatigued and have more energy reserves.

An Experiment

To discover how much of essential nutrients these greens provide, I have, on several occasions done one day fasts, only having Pure Energy Greens with MSM mixed in water to go on. The results were great. Sure, the sensation of chewing was missing, but the energy levels were very high on those days and the next day, I did not feel an overwhelming sensation of hunger. I have even done a 3 day fast using only the greens as well as having a few vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots). Again, the results were great. Increased energy levels, reduced fatigue and a general feeling of lightness. As far as my experiment goes, you can try it at your own risk, making sure your body is ready for the challenge. Only you know what is best for the body, your body!

To sum up, Pure Energy Greens with MSM are the best green supplement powder on the market for two reasons. Number one, they contain 5 of the 10 best foods for your body and number two, they come from a very reputable source. So if you want what is best for the body, go to the following websites to get more information on the product: