November 20, 2014

North Face Etip Gloves and North Face Beanie

By Marek

North Face Etip Gloves and North Face Beanie

Winter’s here! For runners, it is yet another challenge. Earlier it was a transition from dry Summer runs to wet Fall weather. This time, it’s battling with the cold. However, cold weather running is as fun as any, you just need to have the right gear. Nothing fancy, just the essentials. The two basic extras that are needed are head cover and gloves (you can simply layer up to keep the upper body warm and throw sweat pants on the legs to keep them warm). For those who don’t leave their house without their smart phone, The North Face Etip gloves are a smart choice. They will keep your fingers and hands warm and you will still be free to change your favourite tracks on your phone as you run. The North Face beanie will go well with the gloves and is an essential piece of kit for those freezing temperatures. Remember, most heat escapes through the tip of the head, so it is essential to keep that part of the body warm during winter runs.

The North Face Etip Gloves

The North Face Beanie

North face Etip gloves and North face beanie North face Etip gloves and North face beanie
Average Customer Rank 4.5 Stars Average Customer Rank 4.5 Stars

Main Features

Etip Gloves Beanie
  • touchscreen connectivity
  • natural fit
  • silicone Palm for better grip
  • four-way stretch fleece
  • microfleece earband for extra warmth
  • snugly slim-fitting
  • 100% acrylic
  • embroidered logo

The Verdict

The key to winter running is being prepared for the weather. Make the most of challenges by making sure you have the right clothing. Both North Face Etip gloves and North Face beanie are high quality products which will not only protect you from the cold but also make you stand out in the crowd. You may choose other brands, just make sure to be prepared.

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