July 5, 2014

Nike Dual Fusion Run And Dual Fusion Lite Comparison Review

By Marek

Nike Dual Fusion Comparison Review

Two similar, yet at the same time, very different shoes. Nike Dual Fusion Run and Dual Fusion Lite running shoes have a similar shape but the similarities end there. The original Nike Dual Fusion Run version is a tougher looking shoe – not a heavy look, just more solid. On the other hand, Nike Dual Fusion Lite have a fresher, more cool look, an appearance of a very light running shoe, which they are.

Nike Dual Fusion Run

Nike Dual Fusion Lite

Nike Dual Fusion Run Nike Dual Fusion Lite
weight:3 Stars
cushioning:4 Stars
overall build:4 Stars
weight:4 Stars
cushioning:3 Stars
overall build:3 Stars

Main Features

Weight Cushioning Overall Build
This is probably the most obvious and easily noticed difference between both shoes. Nike Dual Fusion Lite are by far lighter then their predecessor. Not only do they feel lighter when held in the hand, but they feel lots lighter when on the foot. Nike Dual Fusion Run have firm cushioning with removable insoles which themselves are on the firm side. The Lite version shoe has a softer and thinner feel. Maybe great for heel strikers but if you are a midfoot striker, you will feel those nasty little pebbles out on the trails. Dual Fusion Run trainers are slightly taller than the Lite’s. They have a firmer build and give a better feel of security. The Dual Fusion Lite running shoes bring an extra lightness to each step and bring the foot closer to the ground.

The Verdict

My review of both Nike Dual Fusion Run and Dual Fusion Lite is overall positive, however, as I have now gone from a heel strike to a midfoot strike, I find that the shoes are too tall and that there is not enough firmness in the midsole and toe areas. Even though the Dual Fusion Lite have a thinner sole, the cushioning is too heavy and the area just beneath the toe is raised too high.Nike running shoes Despite Dual Fusion Run being the heavier shoe, they provide a firmer base and in my eyes have a slighter edge over their successor, Nike Dual Fusion Lite.
My next shoes will definitely be flat and simple as I proceed to run with a midfoot strike. For those still hitting the ground with your heel, either of these shoes will be great for you, however, if you’d like to know why a different running style is recommended, check out Christopher McDougall’s “Born To Run”. Then, if you want to change your form, have a read of Eric Orton’s “The Cool Impossible”.

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Tips When Buying Shoes

When buying your running shoes, go for a larger size. Not just a bit larger. At least a full size. Why? As you run, the energy in your step is pushed forwards and out through your toes. If your shoes are tight fit, that energy hits a wall and starts making its way back to your calfs and knees. It needs to be released out. Also, your foot has better movement on uneven surfaces, it will help to prevent twisting your ankle (the shoe may shift, but your foot will have enough freedom to move around in it and not bend as much with it).
Buy yourself lace locks. You will not need to ever again think of your laces coming undone.

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