November 17, 2015

Running Journal

By Marek

Running Journal – Keeping Track of My Activity!

I started keeping track of my running and supporting exercises earlier in the year. This was the effect of starting to read “The Running Revolution” by Nicholas Romanov. One of the first things the author mentions is starting a running journal, which I did. However, after two months, I drifted away from it. One of the reasons for it was that I wanted to make it look good which was too time consuming. This time, I am making things simple. The Running Journal is mainly for me. I am sharing it with others to help them see what works and what does not. Here are the links to my earlier running journal entries: Running Log – February, Running Log – March, 50 Days To Run Faster – Running Log.

In my running journal I will keep track of the runs I have done as well as additional exercises which will work towards improving my running. running journalBefore larger races, I plan to also keep track of what I eat and drink in the week running up to the event. Hopefully, looking back at these observations, I will be able to improve my running, reach my running goals and become a better athlete. I encourage all runners who want to keep running for a long, long time, to start recording their runs in order to improve their running technique and most importantly, to stay injury free. Having a record will enable you to look back and learn what you have done correctly and where you have faltered.

Check out Dr Romanov’s book “The Running Revolution“, in which he teaches the POSE running method. A proven technique to improve your running and to stay injury free. In the meantime, see my Running Journal to see what has worked for me and what mistakes I have made (to save you from making the same ones).