April 6, 2021

Micro Tasking – Making the First Dollar

By Marek

Setting high goals is excellent, it gives purpose and drive. However, when trying to figure out the way to achieve those goals, it is easy to give up when results are hard to see. Step in micro tasking.
What happens when you set a financial goal – a really far fetched sort, one that seems impossible to achieve, yet one that you would really like to someday hit? Worse yet, what if that goal is set purely without any real foundation. Let’s say for example, I want to make a million dollars!
It’s a great goal! However, when you don’t have a job or are working for minimum wage, the reality is, that goal will be difficult to achieve. The biggest challenge is to keep focus and motivation going to reaching that goal. Some time may pass and if no process is made towards the goal, it will be easy to give up on it.

Now, you may say that having a real belief in the possibility of attaining a goal greatly improves the likelihood of achieving it. That is true. But you also need to take steps in the right direction. You need to assist in the process in order to reach the goal.
That is why little micro tasks are so crucial. On the way to making the million dollars, you may want to set a task of making that first dollar. It may seem a very small figure but without that first dollar, there is no million, is there? Even more important is achieving this micro task. It solidifies a person in their belief that they can reach the higher goal since they managed to achieve this micro goal. The next task maybe doubling it, or 10x it. Think about it. How often can you make 10x as much as you did before? And what will happen if you achieve it. Making $10 will seem huge when you compare it to making $1. It still is a small chunk of the ultimate goal, but now you managed to prove that you can make ten times the amount you did previously. Five more such steps and you are there – the ultimate goal of a million dollars will be reached!

Hence, I’ve set myself the task of making my first dollar in a new endeavour. My little micro tasking exercise. Any hints or ideas on how I can achieve it, any suggestions where to go, how to make my first dollar? How others can make it?