February 7, 2017

Meat Free For a Month

By Marek

From time to time I set myself challenges. Sometimes it is to run a certain distance, others it is about exercising. This time, I decided to go meat free for a month of September. I have done a similar exercise a while back. It felt really good. This time I did not really pay that much attention to it. I simply went with the flow. Now, to be clear, my restrictions did not include fish. Just all meat products.

What did not eating meat for a month do for me?

To be honest, I did not feel that much of a difference. I felt slightly lighter on the inside but that is about it. However, when I stood on the scale, I noticed a small weight loss. A very interesting observation, especially since I did not hold back on other things. Things such as alcohol, sweets and other junk food…

Did I miss meat? Not really. Sure, it was hard not to notice the smell when passing by restaurants and grills but I was alright with it. Meat Free RunnerI even went to a BBQ and had bean burgers.
What really made things exciting for me, and I failed to observe it right away was the fact that on the first of October, just before I had my first meal, I went for a Park Run and won it. At first I did not notice the correlation but I am sure that going meat free for a month contributed to my endurance.

Meat Free For a Month

I do not think that I will ever come to a point where I will go totally meat free but I believe it is a good idea to limit the amount of meat I consume. My objective for the near future is to limit meat consumption to 2-3 days per week and hold more frequent meat fasts.
Meat Free For a Month