February 8, 2017

Lunchtime Run

By Marek

Do you run at lunchtime? I do. Recently, quite often – 3 out of 5 days this week. Why do I run during my lunch break? I think the number one reason is that I am too lazy to get up in the morning. Get up and go for a run before work that is. Lunchtime runs are not my favourite, although I enjoy the rush. The problem with running during my lunch break is that I have very limited time. After all, it’s a lunch hour. This means that I need to run at a pace that is much quicker than what I would normally run at. Of course, I can run slower but then, I will cover less distance. I tend to set 5km as a minimum that I would bother going out for. The only exception in the last few years was very recently when I was on holiday, I went for a shorter run on a beach. Not only do I need to fit in a lunchtime run, but also a shower and a bite to eat. Not to mention the few minutes it takes to get to and from work.How To Start To Run

What pace is needed for a lunchtime run?

My preferred pace is between 8 – 10 minute miles (5 – 6 mins per km). That is when I draw the most benefits and enjoyment out of running. However, on occasions, I do like to go out quicker and once or twice per week it is alright to go out at lunch and give it a bit more of a push. That means running at 7 – 8 minute miles (4 – 5 mins per km). But boy is it exhausting! Exhausting and invigorating. Nevertheless, if you have only a lunch hour to spare, there is no better way to take advantage of it than going out for a lunchtime run. It’s easier than you think!