April 8, 2021

Kiss the Ground

By Marek

I was never much for documentaries of any sort, yet I find that in the last few years I have been drawn more and more to them. I suppose I have grown a little tired of the regular television and films, as they have become more and more predictable. Documentaries not only offer a different sort of entertainment but they often teach us and broaden one’s horizons.

I have recently watched “Kiss the Ground”. A very informative piece about something so simple – ground (earth, soil). Something we take for granted, like the water and air. Something that is so crucial for our survival. What struck me was how important the ground is not only in providing us with food but also what impact it has on the environment, especially climate change.

In recent years I have became more aware of the damage modern farming is doing to soil and how more and more land is becoming barren, turning into dust. Yet, the solution is so simple, all that needs to be done is to let vegetation grow on the land. The more variety the better.

This documentary, “Kiss the Ground” shows how within a short period of time things can be changed around, how not only dangerous chemicals can be eliminated from use but also how much more profitable for farmers it is to follow simple steps which help the earth, the soil, and atmosphere. More and more ideas and methods come to light, which show that taking a step back and observing how nature works help us not only to improve the quality of our environment but also improves our lives, our health and our quality of life.

If you have a moment, use it wisely and watch this documentary. The more people become aware of some small steps each one of us can take, the better off we will all be. Kiss the Ground is not revolutionary, it simply highlights the new, old approach to farming and to life.