September 13, 2014

Injinji Toe Socks – Review

By Marek

Now, this is a strange product to review – socks. Well, not just any socks, men toe socks to be more precise. What made me buy toe socks, or five finger socks as I like to call them (a little hail to the Vibram 5 fingers here)? Men toe socksWell, ever since I changed my running style a few months ago (going from a heel strike to a midfoot strike, or more of a forefoot strike), I have started to get blisters. I had been running for nearly 18 months before the change with no blistering at all, but the change (for the better), had the side effect – blistering. Not very serious, but irritating. In large part, I blame the shoes, but I am not in the position to buy new ones (especially since I had bought 2 new pairs shortly before my revolution). I tried using thinner socks, then double socks but not much improvement was visible. Then, I came across toe socks. I had a look at a few brands and I decided to go with the Injinji men toe socks. They were not the cheapest but at the same time, not the most expensive. A reasonable price I would say.

The Difference Between Socks And Toe Socks

The first thing you notice when putting on Injinji toe socks on is how they embrace your toes and foot. It is a totally different feel, mainly because the toes are free and separated. Men toe socksThe great benefit of toe socks is that the toes act independently – especially the large toe. You may argue that you could scrap socks all together and go barefoot in shoes, but then the sweat also causes blistering as the shoe is not able to absorb the water (trust me, I tried this as well). The Injinji toe socks are made of fabrics which keep feet dry.
The other advantage toe socks have is that they keep toes apart. When squished in together in a regular sock, toes can rub against each other, creating friction and blistering. Toe socks keep the toes separated and allow them to hit the ground more naturally.
Finally, the toe socks do not have thick seems at the front, like most socks do. The small seems are alright when walking, however, when setting off on longer runs, they too tend to cause irritation.

The Verdict

Created for women and men toe socks by Injinji are high quality and worth the price. Made of quality and lasting material, they provide a very natural feel. If your feet blister, getting a pair of these is a cheaper option than buying a new pair of running shoes. They will not eliminate all your problems but will provide for a more natural feel and help reduce blistering.

Injinji toe socks are widely available in online sports stores, Amazon and on Ebay. There is a range of styles and colours to chose from.