October 3, 2014

How To Train For 10k Race

By Marek

How To Train For 10k!

This piece of advice is for those who are already comfortable running 10k. For those training to get up to a 10k distance, please click here for training advice.

Build Endurance

To run a faster 10k does not mean that you need to do interval speed training. I am not saying it will not help, all I want to point out, that there is another way to go about it. How to train for 10kIt’s all about building endurance. Recently, I have run my 3rd 10k race and placed 30th out of a field of 600 runners. More interestingly, I finished 2 places ahead of the first female finisher. It was an amateur race, but I would have never expected to outrun every lady on the course. I ran the same race a year before. This time, I knocked 3 minutes off my time. How to improve running speed, you ask? Build endurance is my answer. This is, in my view, the best way how to train for 10k race.

Run Faster 10k

During the 5 to 6 weeks running up to race day, I have not done any interval speed training. To be honest, I have never actually done any interval training. In my 2 year running career, I have maybe done a half dozen quick one milers to improve my PB but that is all. Run faster 10k

imageI have days where I run slightly faster (8 minute miles as opposed to 9 minute miles) but no fast stints. What I had been doing lately, though, was making my runs longer. My shortest run in the last 4 weeks was 8 miles (the longest just over 10 miles). I had put in over 200 miles in the month prior to the race at a comfortable pace. And this paid off. I am applying this technique to a 10k race. I don’t know how it would work in a longer race, such as a half marathon or a marathon (although, my suspicion is that the results would be similar), but I stand by the way how to train for 10k.

How To Improve Running Speed

As mentioned earlier, this technique can be applied by more advanced runners (that is those who can run longer distances in preparation for a 10k). The theory is simple, run 25% – 50% farther during training and you will build endurance. This pays off, when you increase the speed in a race. And don’t worry, you can run fast without training fast. You just need to believe it. Once you line up with the field of runners, you will want to run fast. The cheering crowds will encourage quicker pace as well. Do not worry about setting off too fast either. How to train for 10kI made that mistake in my first 10k race (after finding out my 1k pace, I slowed down). This time, I was not worried. Why would I be? I knew that on regular basis, I was able to do that distance and more. So, when halfway through the race I started having doubts, all I needed to do, was to remind myself, that all I have is just another 5k to run. A few days before, I ran 5 more km than what I had left, so, in no way was this going to be a problem. By building endurance, you build confidence. With confidence, you can release the extra speed without the worry of not being able to complete the distance. That’s all there is to it.

How To Train For 10k Race

To run a faster 10k, you need to build endurance. Once you build endurance and confidence that you can do 15k on regular basis, 10k will be a walk in a park for you. Run faster 10kThat is why you will be able to release the extra speed. Remember, although I personally classify a 10k as a mid distance run, it is actually a long distance run. And as it is, in all long distance runs, the mind plays a key role. Running a fast 10k is not all about the physical fitness, it also requires mental strength. If you know your body can easily do greater distances, it is easier to persuade it to do a shorter distance at a quicker pace. It is fully capable of doing so. If you want to know how to improve running speed, the answer is, you need to build endurance! Try it and let me know how you got on.