February 3, 2015

How To Start To Run – Step 1 – The Decision

By Marek

How To Start To Run!

Are you looking to make running a habit? I will not go into here about the benefits of running on your health, physical fitness and self esteem. All I want to establish is whether you are willing to commit to running? It will take some dedication and patience at the start but once you get the hang of it, you will be grateful that you started. how to start to runThe reason I ask this question is to get you to think, what it is that you expect running to do for you? You’ve come this far seeking for help how to start to run. Many people do not make it this far. This shows me that you are dedicated to make things work, to make running a permanent fixture in your life. The best way to achieve this, is to make it clear to yourself at the start, why do you want to run?

How To Start To Run – The Why?

If you can define your purpose at the start, you will make a stronger commitment to stick to running. I have seen many people start running and after a few weeks or even a couple of months gradually stop. Why does this happen? They never really knew why they started running in the first place. Some wanted to lose weight and did so. That was their main objective and they achieved it, however, after some time, the weight came back. This in turn got them running again. Others wanted to conquer a certain distance and once they reached their goal, they found less and less time for running. What I want to instil in you, is a passion for running. I want to make running a part of your life, something that you will be missing if you had a day or two off. In order to do so, we need to find your WHY?
how to start to runWhat was my reason for starting to run? I simply wanted to have more energy. One thing led to another and I found that the best way to achieve it was through running. Not once or twice a week, but four to five times a week. As a few weeks passed and I learned how to start to run properly, I began noticing that I was energised after every run and that energy lasted for a whole day. I would even come back from work and if I felt tired, I would go for a run. A run gave me more energy than an afternoon nap – by far!
Search for a strong reason and one that means something to you. The more emotion you can associate with running, the more dedicated you will be to carry on. There is no one correct way how to start to run. Everyone will do it differently and that is fine. There will be different techniques, different motivations, different dedication. We will be looking into each of these in upcoming posts. For now, let’s just focus on that one big reason for running. The reason you will get up in the morning, or get out there in the rain or snow and do your run. Unless you can give yourself a strong enough reason now, you will have difficulty in those tough times to carry on.

Do you want to know how to start to run? Do so by giving yourself a big enough reason to do it!