July 24, 2014

Get In Shape For Zombie Run UK

By Marek

Motivation to get in shape is often difficult to find. Zombie Run UKFirst obstacle is usually time, then the issue of those extra pounds we’re carrying and finally, the regime and boredom of repetitive exercises. Do not get me wrong, I have found the calling and enjoy my exercises and running but it took me years to get off my backside and realise the importance of exercise in my life. However, I sympathise with those who have not yet found that something to get them started. So let me show you a way to kill not two, but THREE birds with one stone.

Body By Vi Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge

Visalus is North Americas number ONE weight loss and fitness platform because it brings excitement to the industry. The Body By Vi shakes provide a great tasting meal replacement whilst at the same time, the participant is encouraged to set a 90 day fitness challenge to speed up their weight loss and help keep it off. But the challenge does not mean that you need to be running in marathons in 90 days, or do 100 push-ups or climb a mountain. It can can be a simple Plank5 minute exercise, 3 times a week. Better yet, make it fun and exciting – enrol for a 5k zombie run. There is a Zombie Run in the UK, second half of October, but there are also similar runs in other countries. What better way to get started your training, knowing that at the end of your 90 days, your life will depend on it – having to get away from blood thirsty zombies that is! See the video below how mad it gets at these runs!

Solution To Our 3 Excuses


To prepare for an exciting 5k run in 90 days does not take more than 60 minutes per week (click here for a brief training program). To prepare a Body By Vi ShakeBody By Vi Shakes takes less than a minute. Replace 2 meals per day, assuming a regular meal takes 5 – 10 minutes to prepare, you’ve just saved yourself more than an hour per week! Combining nutritious shakes with exercise actually saves you time!

Extra Pounds (Weight)

Of course you will have extra weight to carry if you don’t get any exercise. The solution is not to start a diet and once some weight is lost, start exercising. That rarely works. Start exercising at the same time you start your diet. Start slow! Start walking before you start running. Start with 5 minute exercises before you do 15 minute exercises. Combining good nutrition with exercise will speed up the weight loss process and get you to follow good habits! Those who often run lose weight. Waiting to exercise is not a solution – start NOW!

Regime And Boredom

Find a fun event to get ready for. Zombie Run UK could be something you fancy – it’s definitely not boring, there is no strict regime to follow – yet the challenge is there! You don’t even have to run the full course. Vi shakes Work on your upper body strength and outpower the zombies or practices with the hoopla hoop to swing away from them. Whatever you do, find something exciting and fun which will drive you!

Both Zombie Run UK and Body By Vi Challenge are there to encourage a healthy, fun and exciting activity. Get on board, get ready and start training. Your life may depend on it – and I don’t mean just surviving the zombie invasion!

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