September 26, 2014

Evolution Running – Proper Running Technique For Beginners

By Marek

Proper Running Technique – Beginners And Avid Runners!

Can you prevent running injuries? A popular question asked by millions of runners around the world. Taking into account that 80% of runners get injured every year, this question resurfaces very often in running circles. The answer is yes. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but running injuries can be minimised and often eliminated by following proper running technique. Beginners and avid runners have the same opportunity.

Evolution Running

Ken Mierke has spent many years observing and learning techniques applied by African runners (who have dominated the sport for past few decades). He shares his insights on his page There you can find many running tips for beginners which encourage establishing proper running technique and help get fit in general. Take a peak at the short video below to learn more. Ken Mierke has been made popular by the inclusion in Christopher McDougall’s bestseller ‘Born To Run‘ for all the right reasons. As the slogan of Evolution Running states, ‘run faster and farther with fewer injuries’, the techniques shown there will do just that.

Proper Running Technique For Beginners

Without giving too much away here are a few running tips beginners and advanced runners can use taken from Evolution Running:Proper running technique beginners
(1) When your foot swings forward, it should go no farther than the knee. At the moment when it passes the knee, the motion should reverse (or actually, suspend) and the foot should come back to land below the body, ready to spring back forward. The farther the foot goes past the knee, the more energy is needed to bring it back.
(2) Through the entire propulsion phase, the knee angle should be slightly bent and constant. This provides for horizontal propulsion (you move forward instead of up and down) and involves more muscles (decreasing the intensity of the work on each individual muscle).
(3) Place your foot down behind the hip on downhill runs. This may feel like falling but minimises breaking.

I highly recommend visiting Evolution Running website and practice proper running techniques shown. Beginners and advanced runners will both benefit and improve their speed, endurance and reduce injuries at the same time. But don’t take my word for it, just tell me, can you prevent running injuries without improving technique?