March 13, 2017

Eat Healthy

By Marek

When will I start to eat healthy? It is so easy to slip and simply fail. So often I keep on thinking that I should do something about the foods I eat, yet it is so easy and tempting to reach for the ones which are not good for you. The problem is the habit of eating. eat healthyIt’s changing your programming in your head, to alter the routines that are with us since childhood. What is interesting, that the healthy foods are abundant and have amazing tastes. It is those tastes that we are so used to that are so hard to push aside. It took years, even decades, during which we became familiar with certain foods. Changing these habits will not happen over night.

What is even more annoying is that I am fully aware that certain foods (or their quantity) have a negative impact on my wellbeing. When I eat healthy, I feel fresh, light and energised. When I eat crap, I feel tired, lousy and heavy. Why do I do it to myself? As traditional wisdom says, the body is the temple, yet we disrespect it. It is so easy to abuse our bodies. A while back I started keeping track of when I eat meat, when I consume alcohol and when I eat junk food. It amazes me how few times I abstain from either of these categories. I don’t mean that it’s compulsive, simply that nearly everyday I have at least a little taste of each.

Time to make changes. For the next few months, I will aim to eat healthy and at least 3 times per week avoid meat, alcohol and junk food. On paper, it appears to be easy, however, when you start keeping track, it is amazing how difficult it becomes. A little chocolate bar here, a pint of beer there, a ham sandwich on the run. All these on their own are alright, however, day in and day out, combined, are not the best habits. Try it yourself, start keeping score, it’s an healthy