February 28, 2015

What To Eat Before Half Marathon – Cabbage Wrap

By Marek

Food To Eat Before Half Marathon!

Wherever you turn, you will find advice about what to eat before half marathon. More interesting, a lot of the advice is contradicting. Like with many things, there has been a great deal of misleading information in the past, which stuck throughout the decades and is now accepted as fact, although there is no evidence to show it is correct. My aim however is not to point out what needs to be cut out, rather, I would like to present foods which will benefit your running.IMG_4577

What I Eat Before Half Marathon

Reading books and interviews with long distance and ultra runners, I discovered that a great deal of them share very similar strategies when it comes to the foods they eat before their races. Mainly one stands out. Plant based! That’s right, fresh vegetables. You may think, “if I eat fresh vegetables before half marathon, I will not get off the toilet in time to run the race.” First, there is one other factor that needs mentioning. Do not all of a sudden change your eating habits a day before the race. Eat before half marathon foods that you are used to eating, just give more focus to certain categories. Introducing new foods just before half marathon could be disastrous.

A Great Vegetable Wrap

Earlier this morning, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an amazing looking wrap featured on YoungAndRaw.com.
Of course, I hardly ever stick to the recipe and made my own, similar wrap. It had cabbage, leaks, spring onions, peppers, humous, lettuce and beans in it. Tasted great! It is a great thing to eat before half marathon (a day before) for several reasons. First, helps to detoxify. All ingredients are alkaline, so it helps to de-acidify the blood. Remember, during the race, you will produce lots of acid. The less acidic your blood is before the race, the better you will feel. Second, the vegetables you eat before half marathon have lots of vitamins and minerals which the body needs and will be using up as you race. eat before half marathonThird, you will feel lighter consuming salads and beans as opposed to more starchy foods like pasta, rice or potatoes.

Treat yourself, and more importantly, your body to a great tasting vegetable wrap, which you can eat before half marathon. You will notice the difference afterwards!
What are some of your favourite foods to eat before half marathon?