Category: Core Exercises

September 21, 2014

Get Flat Stomach Fast

Flat Stomach Fast! Diet, nutrition and everyday health are the key elements which will aid to get flat stomach fast. But the main ingredient is exercise. Without that success is limited, especially when you pass a certain age. Not impossible, but limited. Have you come to similar conclusions? Burning Fat Why is your stomach not flat? Very likely, it’s the fat around it that keeps […]

March 26, 2014

Weider’s 6 – Flatten Stomach Fast

Weider’s aerobic 6 exercises flatten the stomach. That’s a fact. If you succeed to complete the 42 day program, you are guaranteed to get flat stomach fast. How does it work? 6 Aerobic Exercises The workout is broken down into 6 individual exercises. (1) Lie down on a flat surface, arms flat along the body. Alternate raising each leg forming a 90 degree angle between […]