December 16, 2013

The 90 Day Challenge

By Marek

Turn Body Fat To Lean Muscle – The Body Vi 90 Day Challenge!

The Body Vi 90 Day Challenge is more than a diet. It is a change of lifestyle. A catalyst! More important, it works. Does it work for everyone?Body Vi 90 Day Challenge No, nothing ever does. Yet for those who do commit to it, the results are remarkable and long lasting. It does not only turn body fat into lean muscle, it helps to slim down and lose weight (most of which is fat).

What is the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge?

The challenge is centred around a nutritious meal replacement shake full of minerals and vitamins. It does not replace all your meals – maximum 2 per day. But it is not just about the shake. ViShakesThe Challenge is about the desire to change, to reach a goal – an individual goal. Setting a 90 day target enables a clear focus on an achievement and gives a purpose to our efforts. If you want to lose weight and start a diet just for the sake of losing weight, you will not be satisfied with it as you have not set a target. You will not achieve what you have not specified. However, if you are clear and specific – example: lose 10 lbs or 2 inches in the waist – you will know if you are getting close to it and can celebrate once you do reach the goal.

4 Steps

Step 1: set yourself a goal!
Step 2: announce your intentions to the world!
Step 3: get your family and friends involved!
Step 4: just do it!

As mentioned earlier, when you have a clear goal your success rate improves. Announcing your challenge to the world (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networks) will make you accountable – what better way to stay motivated, knowing others will be following your progress. Better yet, get others involved. Going it alone is difficult but having someone start their journey at the same time as you, makes it more fun. Finally, once you’ve set yourself up for success, go out and do it. Start drinking the shakes, get some exercise along the way and very quickly you will notice results! That’s what the Body Vi 90 Day Challenge is all about…

Extra Bonus – It’s FREE

Guess what, not only are the shakes nutritious and delicious, you can get yours for free. Just as long as you get 3 people to join in the Body Vi 90 Day Challenge. Free shakesSo not only will you save on your grocery bill (a single shake costs less than $2 – bet this is less than you pay for your breakfast), you will also be helping your friends to lose some weight and reach their goals.

What’s In the Shake

You may ask – how can a powdered shake be healthy and nutritious? At the same time, ask this question – what do babies drink? Do they not drink a powder formula? Nothing different here. Vi shakes are made with high quality ingredients which provide you with protein and fibre and on top of that have necessary minerals and vitamins, making it a complete, nutritious meal.

3 Reasons To Join

The shakes taste good
They are affordable
They WORK!

To find out more about the Body Vi 90 Day Challenge click here