November 30, 2013

Best Ways – Lose Weight Fast

By Marek

There Is No One Best Way

We all search, we all seek, for that one quick fix. Typing in best ways lose weight fast into search engines to find thousands of answers ranging from 5 day plans to a 100 step formula which will take care of our problem.

And guess what, it is very likely that a great deal of these will work – not for all, and not necessarily to the extend shown but there will be results at the end of the day. Why will it work? Because you are seeking change, often not taking the best approach, yet your mind is set on some sort of an outcome. However, in our approach, we encounter two main problems:

  1. The end does not always justify the means
  2. In the fast approach, there is no long term strategy

You Started With a Great Idea

Starting your search for best ways in which to lose weight fast you had an objective, a GOAL. Now the question to ask is whether it is a short or a long term goal. Fair game to those, who establish a short term goal, fully aware that they want to look good for a special event, and are happy to go back to their old habits right after. However, many of us seek a long term change but only focus on a short term solution. In order to direct our mind to a long term fix, we need to provide a reason for our change – the big WHY! Why do you want to lose weight?

The End Does Not Justify the Means

Let’s say you want to lose 10lbs (5kg) in 2 weeks. Is it possible? Of course – unless you are already way underweight. There must be hundreds of ways to do it. Most diet plans by nature create a quick drop in weight very early on. This is because our body notices the changes and reacts. Majority of the diets cause us to lose quite a lot of water at the start. Effect – a visible weight loss. Real effect – dehydration and production of toxins in our body.
Less water in the system, slower flushing out of toxins. More toxins, more likely we are to fall ill, experience headaches, cause damage to vital organs. Was the goal achieved? Yes, of course. What about the means by which we went about achieving it – the side effects?

Fast Approach – No Long Term Strategy

The goal is there: finding best ways to lose weight fast. We are clear on our objective and go out to achieve it. What next? Our short term strategy worked. How about long term? We forgot to plan for that. This is the main reason why the yo yo effect comes into play. Often, the diets are focused on short term, or are too restrictive for us to continue in the long run. Confused? Lost? Demotivated? You bet!

Forget the Diet, Look Into Nutrition

Two different words – very similar meaning. Yet what we associate with diet and nutrition is very wrong. A diet is nothing more than the nutrients we receive from foods. It is not a set plan of foods we can or cannot eat. ShakesStart looking at the nutrients provided by the foods you consume and how they benefit you. Eliminate the consumption of foods that bring no benefits and increase the consumption of foods that are full of nutrients. Amongst your friends and colleagues seek out people who are healthy and maintain a healthy weight and observe their eating habits – ask for their advice. Most importantly, make sure you eat. There is nothing more damaging than starving yourself – you can gain weight by doing this as well.