November 13, 2014

Best Shoes For Running a Thousand Miles

By Marek

Best Shoes For Running!

Best shoes for runningNike Dual Fusion RunHave you run a thousand miles? Scratch that! Have you run a thousand miles in the same pair of shoes? Thought not! Modern day sales techniques are geared at return buyers. To get return sales, public is led to believe that running shoes need to be replaced after every 300 – 400 miles. But why? Are the materials used to manufacture the best running shoes for men and women not able to last for more than 80 hours of use?

Break Away From Conformity

If you purchased a set of new tyres for your car, how would you feel about having to replace them after 3 months? Or purchased a suit for work and needed to replace it after 2 weeks? Well, with running shoes, that’s what we are expected to do, and actually do – the majority of us that is.
I like to experiment, and after reading Christopher McDougall’s ‘Born To Run’, I did just that. I decided to go the extra mile in my running shoes.

Best shoes for running 1000 miles 1000 miles Dual fusion run

Word of Caution

My first pair of running shoes, Nike Dart 9, lasted me approximately 800 miles. This was before I learned that I need to replace my running shoes more often. The reason I ditched them was that finally, an injury caught up with me. Reading some information online, I came to the conclusion, that the shoes were at fault, as I had run so much in them. There was no visible damage to them, it must have been the cushioning. The reason I mention this here, is that this was before I became a more educated runner. I was a heel striker at that time. That is what led to my injury, not necessarily the shoe. And when it comes to running on your heel, it does not matter how good the cushioning in the shoe is, you are destined to get injured sooner or later. That is why before tossing out the old shoes, you should read up more on proper running techniques.

Running Technique Transition

Before attempting to go the extra distance in my Nike Dual Fusion Run, I needed to change from heel strike to forefoot strike. This is a transition that takes time. It is very difficult to change a bad habit. Even more crucial, it is important not to do it too quickly. Landing on the forefoot instead of the heel involves a lot of muscles changing their regular routines. Those muscles need time to adjust and breaking them in too quickly can lead to injury. So give yourself time.

Evolution running

Can You Run a Thousand Miles In One Pair of Shoes?

Yes is the answer. I found that in takes several hundred miles for a pair of shoes to actually break in and adjust to your foot. Mainly, this is due to all the cushioning. Once that is slightly worn, the foot feels more comfortable as it can land more naturally. Are all the shoes made to last this distance? That is something that is more difficult to answer. As mentioned earlier, I have done this in my Nike Dual Fusion Run shoes. I have a pair of Nike Dual Fusion Lite shoes which I am nearing 500 miles in, however, their soles are very thin and I don’t think they will last this long. I suppose, the answer will be no, not all running shoes will last 1000 miles. It seems that the more cushioned the shoe inside and the thinner the outer sole, the less likely it will be to go the distance. A more simple design with less cushioning and more ‘rubber’ on the bottom will make the best shoes for running longevity.

To summarise, if you want to run a thousand miles in a single pair of shoes, the best running shoes for men and women will not be the most expensive ones, but the simplest in their design, built to last and not to be replaced after 300 miles.

Please share your experiences of shoe wear and tear and in which shoes you managed to go the extra distance. Help others get fit and find reliable pair to run in.