March 16, 2014

Best Running Shoes For Men

By Marek

How would you classify best running shoes? Men, women, children, everyone is different. With so many choices available to us, it gets difficult to pick. Is it Nike shoes for men? Or Adidas shoes for women? I like to think a little differently….

A Little Background Information

I have now been running for 18 months and consistently run around 100 miles per month. I have competed in 2 half marathons and a 10k run and regularly do 10k+ distances. Just thought you may want to know where I am coming from.

My Nike Running Shoes

I consider them the best running shoes for men! Why you ask?
Let’s start with comfort. Check. Nice and simple answer. They just are.

Weight. Both Nike Dart 9 and Nike Dart 10 running shoes which I have tried are light.
Maybe not the lightest but for the purposes I use them, they are fine.
Price. Running shoes can vary in prices greatly. I have not reached for the mid priced shoes yet, still, for the purposes I need, I reach for the lower bracket and Nike running shoes offer very good quality at these prices.
Support. Again, check. The shoes are supportive and durable. Like all running shoes, they do have a limited life – make sure not to go past it, as injury will come (read more about this here).
Finally, appearance. Check!

Best Running Shoes For Men

To be honest, you may find that your shoes are the best. I don’t doubt it. Having done over a thousand miles now, I can comfortably say that I have never had blisters, sores, black toes or ankle sprains. The reason – I have the best running shoes for men?! No, not exactly. The main reason is, I purchase shoes that fit me best and more importantly, their size needs to be larger than what most people buy. Running shoes are not meant to be fitted tightly. You need to have at least an inch of free space in the toe area. This helps release the energy with every step up you take, which in turn prevents black toes and calf muscles soreness. Also, do not tie the laces tightly. They should also be loose. When you step awkwardly, your shoe will bend but your ankle will not, preventing ankle sprains.
Once again, I believe my Nike running shoes to be the best running shoes for men! What are your favourites?