March 7, 2014

Best Meal Replacement Shakes – Not Only For Weight Loss

By Marek

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to get a proper, nutritious meal to aid weight loss. However, best meal replacement shakes can also stimulate lean muscle growth and provide nutrition and energy needed for physical activities.

Pre Half Marathon Meal

I broke away from conventional food suggestions prior to my first half marathon last year. Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman
Instead, I followed Stu Mittleman’s advice (as outlined in his book ‘Slow Burn‘) and had salad for breakfast prior to the race. But that was last year. The objective then was to complete the race with a slow time target in mind. This year was different. I was on a mission to take off more than 30 minutes from last year’s result.
I did have salad for breakfast, but I also included Body Vi shake. To the shake I added porridge oats and spinach. This gave me a valuable, nutritious meal, full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

The Race

Having a shake and salad for breakfast I Body Vi Shakeshad no discomfort or the feeling of being full. I was not hungry – just a very comfortable feeling. Body Vi shakes are designed to give you a feeling of being full but not bloated. Other than a banana and a few almonds, topped with lots of water, I did not have anything more to eat or drink until after the race.

Post Race Nutrition

During a half marathon, you burn about 2000 calories. Best meal replacement shakes are not high in calories but are full of nutrients. You do not need to replace the calories as much as you need to replace the nutrients and minerals after such activity. Again, I had water to drink and a banana and almonds to eat right after the race, followed by another Body Vi shake (this time only with chocolate flavour added). This was sufficient to give me the nutrients needed after putting my body through the strains of a race. My next meal came about 3 hours later. I felt energised and did not feel hungry. To conclude, I advise to read more into proper nutrition which does not involve conventional high carb diet ahead of running events. For more information on Body Vi Shakes, click here.
Have you got any suggestions of your own?