50 Days To Run Fast!

For those who know me, I don’t run to set records (personal ones that is). I often tell other runners to slow down – not in races, but in training. Hence, I practice what I preach. Yet, there is one race in the calendar, which is totally different. It is Wings For Life World Run. In this race, speed is crucial.

My Running

Would I like to run fast – yes, of course, why not? run fastDo I have to run fast – no. I actually prefer a slower tempo where I can enjoy the sights and sounds that are around me. My latest objectives have been more focused on hitting new distance highs rather than speed. That is why I have been building endurance to run 50k as I see ultra distances in my future. Yet, there is this wonderful race. No, a challenge, is a better definition for the Wings For Life World Run.

Wings For Life World Run

What is it? It was first run in May 2014 in over 30 cities around the world – simultaneously. In some cities it started in the middle of the night, others early morning while other starts were late afternoon – all depended where in the world you were. This was unique, yet, it does not end there. The real challenge is, there is no finish line. Everyone starts at the same time but where they finish, it is all up to them. 30 minutes after the gun goes, a chaser car is released. It starts slow and speeds up slightly as it catches runners on the way. Once it catches up with you, that is where the your race ends. Behind the car, a bus comes which gathers all the finishers and takes them back to the starting line. Last year I managed to be on the last bus. My speed was good, averaging 8:02 per mile and managing to go 16.6 miles. Since that run, I have only managed to keep similar pace only twice during a distance of 13.1 miles or longer.

50 Days To Run Fast

With 50 days until World Run 2015, I decided to try something new. I need to focus on speed to go farther than I did last year. world runIn order to do so, I plan to try and add 3 new elements to my running. First, I will focus on the core and injury prevention. In order to build on that, I need to do my 100 Up exercise everyday! That’s right. Everyday. In reference to core exercises, I will stick to the plank at least 3 times per week. This time though, I plan to do 3 x 1 minute with fully flexed abs during the plank. It is a method I picked up from Pavel Tsatsouline of www.strongfirst.com

Second, I plan on introducing once again the slant board and possibly other exercises proposed by Eric Orton in his book, Cool Impossible. These exercises strengthen the muscles, especially the supporting ones, helping to become stronger and faster, preventing injury at the same time.

Finally, the running itself. POSE method will play a large role but I also want to take a page out of Emil Zatopek’s book and introduce interval training, starting with alternating 500m sprints with 500m relaxed runs. I have 50 days to run fast, it all begins here.

I will keep an updated log throughout these 50 days and welcome your suggestions and feedback.