July 12, 2014

100 Up Running Exercise

By Marek

100 Up Running Exercise!

There are many causes of running injuries. Naming them would be endless. The key is finding ways of avoiding them. 100 up running exercise is a simple and effective method. It helps to prevent running injury.


W.G. George, an amateur turned pro British runner, who set numerous world records in the 19th century developed a simple technique to help improve posture and prevent running injury.
This method, used directly or indirectly, has been used since then by amateur and professionals alike. It has regained popularity through Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born To Run‘ in the recent years and has been brought to the attention of the mainstream runner.

100 Up Running Exercise

Like all effective exercises, 100 up is not an exercise which effects are immediately visible. Done properly, the effects will take months, maybe years to kick in. Slowly but surely, the key running muscles and tendons will strengthen and build. The exercise itself is rather basic and simple. Holding proper posture, you lift one leg up and then bring it back down and lift the other one up. The idea is to run in place, placing the foot directly below the body, in the same place where it originated from. A description is difficult to visualise, hence I propose to have a look at the following video, showing the technique:

Another great video is presented by Eric Orton, which incorporates the key techniques developed by W.G. George along with other vital exercises.

Whatever you do, study basic techniques and incorporate them into your daily routine. 100 up running exercises are meant to prevent running injury and may prove crucial in prolonging your running career.

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