Help Get Fit – blog posts, links and reviews of items and ideas to improve your body, your health, your physical and psychological well being. Feed your imagination and inspire to reach for the impossible.


Exercises, activities and daily routines to get and keep the body in shape. From Zatopek to Tarahumara, from Tim Ferriss to Jerzy Gregorek. People who developed proven techniques to get fit and stay fit.


More than diets, feeding the temple which is your body. What to eat and what to avoid. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates.


Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Tesla – the people who go beyond accepting what is and dreaming of bigger things.

The three main ideas of HelpGetFit are drawn from everyday life, from events, books and products developed by others. All the information is out there, the challenge is coming across proven methods that work.
Be curious, form your own opinion, your own style. Be judgemental and at the same time open to new ideas. Many of the topics covered here are common knowledge, knowledge which we came across at one point or another but failed to give it the extra time in order to apply in our everyday lives. Things we know but forget to implement.
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