February 14, 2014

What To Eat Week Before Half Marathon

By Marek

Nutrition Prior To the Race

During the training sessions in preparation for the big day, you will have noticed how what you consume effects your running. Ever run in the morning after having a few drinks the night before? FoodHow did your legs feel? Heavier, slower? Or how about running a few hours after having sweets?
What you eat before half marathon will determine how well you do, as well as, how your body will react to the extra strain. Below you will find two lists: don’t eat week half marathon and eat week half marathon. They will guide you to getting proper nutrition before the race.

The Rundown of Foods

Don’t eat week half marathon:
Sugars and sugary foods
White carbs (pasta, potatoes, rice)
Fat meats
Bread and pastries
Energy drinks
Coffee and other caffeinated drinks

Eat week half marathon:
Salads (especially spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, greens)
Fish (salmon, tuna)Food eat before half marathon
Olive oil
Super greens
Whole grain carbs (pasta, buckwheat)
Porridge oats

This is just a short list but gives the right idea. Keep it simple. I outlined only a small number of foods on purpose, so it is not overwhelming. If you can eliminate those few listed and focus on eating the suggested ones, you are already on the right path. It’s only a week, but the impact is so great. The body feels lighter and more agile. The energy levels are great. What you eat week before half marathon not only impacts the race, but the healing process after it. During the race the body will produce toxins. If you start with a low level of toxins, it will be much easier for the body to cleanse itself. Try it yourself. If you cannot commit to a week, do it for 3 days prior to the race. Who knows, maybe you will make long term dietary changes after you see how much better the body feels.

Please share your views and experiences.