November 8, 2013

Warm Or Cold Weather Running?

By Marek

When Best To Run?

All year round, I say. But what do you like best? As I continue my running adventure, I discover new seasons running outdoors.  Just to recap, I started off with running last November but my first nine months I have spent on a treadmill in a gym with only one exception, a half marathon in March. It was not until July that I started regular runs outdoors.

Middle of the Heat Wave

Run in the sunMy true outdoor start was in July – right in the middle of a hot spell. To make it more interesting, my first few runs were around lunch time. The heat and the scorching sun – too many, a turn off, to me a blessing. I loved every moment. Even extended the distances that I usually ran. Do you know why? Why I had a smile on my face as I ran? The sun – nothing greater than a sunny day to keep the spirits up. The heat, the sweat, none of these matter when it is nice and sunny.

Not All Warm Days Are Sunny

What happens when the sun is not out and it is muggy? Well, the run is not as enjoyable. The air is denser, it is harder to breathe and the pace is not the same. Have you noticed that? Long time ago I heard this little interesting fact. The US athletics team likes to do their world championship trials in high altitude. Why? Because the air is not as dense, hence trial times are quicker. But it is not only altitude that effects this, humidity plays a large role. Muggy day runThose living in places like the UK and parts of the US and Canada and other humid places around the world know exactly what I am talking about. You just have to accept it, run a slower pace and come back another day.

Here Comes the Chilly Weather

With the summer over and Autumn in full swing, the temperatures are dropping. The worst is the muggy weather that is in between. Runs are sluggish and the motivation is not all there. Yet, there is hope. Going back to my half marathon, during which the temperature was around 5 degrees C (40F), I found that it was a great running experience. I had a chance to experience even lower temperatures lately in Canada and found the pace was great. The air fresh, the cold pushing you to move faster. What will the winter bring? Will the cold be overbearing? Or will the sunshine on a crisp winter morning make it more exciting?

What are you experiences of winter runs?

Heat Or Cold – What Is Best?

As mentioned above, I love running on a warm day with the sun high up in the sky. Running in the FallThings are bright then and a smile is present on my face. Yet, the cool weather is very exciting. Not talking about freezing, just around that point. The runs are more fluid, the air is lighter and the breathing calmer – this looks to be my optimal running weather. True, I have not run in freezing temperatures yet. Let’s reevaluate my stance in the Spring!

Go out there and find out what seasons are your favourite for running.