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Toenails Turning Black?

Do you know the reason your toenails are turning black? The solution is very simple. Most likely, your shoes are too small! Looking from a runners perspective, a reoccurring concern on most blogs and forums is the topic of the ‘black toe’. But the same principle applies to non-runners. Wear slightly larger shoes!

What Causes Black Toenail?

When you run (or walk), the forward energy transferred with each step needs an escape route. A shoe that is tight, blocks the escape of that energy, and the impact is returned back. The first recipient of it is the toe, followed by the foot and calfs. Hence, if you are also experiencing pain in those areas of the body after jogging or walking, the best solution is to change shoes. Best running shoes for men and women are not the most expensive ones, it’s the ones which are slightly larger than the ones they are already wearing. In his book ‘Slow Burn’, Stu Mittleman advises to go for a size larger than what you would normally use. I have started my running following this advice and in over 18 months, having done 1500 miles, not once have I experienced toenails turning black.
Look at the Tarahumara, an ancient tribe of runners. Their huaraches (sandals) enable them to run hundreds of miles at a time, they don’t get black toes.
So if you are searching for the best (running) shoes, men and women alike, but the shoes you like, only in a larger size. Toenails turning black will be the thing of the past.

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