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50 Days To Run Faster – Running Log

run faster

50 Days To Run Faster! I have set out to improve my running speed. Why do I want to run faster? Let’s call it a personal challenge. Last year I participated in the very first Wings For Life World Run. An event with no finish line. How does it work? Well, everyone lines up the… Read More

Running Log – March 2015

running paris

Running Log! Continuing for the second month with my running log. Having started last month, I am dedicated to keep record of my runs and exercises for future reference. Dr Nicholas Romanov encourages this in his book The Running Revolution“. Please feel free to have a read through and I invite you to do so… Read More

Running Log – February 2015

running log

Running Log! Inspired by Dr Nicholas Romanov’s interviews and podcasts, I have decided to start a Running Log. More for myself rather than for an audience. However, if you would like to have a read through, I invite you to do so and encourage you start your own log. Here, I will post my runs… Read More

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