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Here we go again. I am restarting once again with my Running Journal. Earlier in the year, I had started it to keep track of my runs and other exercises but lost track of it. This time, I plan to keep it running for much longer. The Running Journal was inspired by Nicolas Romanov’s book “The Running Revolution”, which I have started reading once more and intend on following through with. Please feel free to read and comment. My main objective is to keep track of my running, exercises and other activities, including nutrition which in some way may influence my fitness and abilities. The Running Journal is really for my personal needs, so that in the future I can observe what worked and what did not. However, you may find it useful to compare with what you have been doing.
Enjoy! Comment! Criticise!

Sunday 15th November 2015
Went out running this morning. Done over 15km (just under 10 miles). It was a slow paced run and just after 5km I had to stop as had a bit of a pain in the left knee (outer part). I did 100 Up exercise and the pain went away, so I continued running. (A little side note. I first got this pain 1 week ago when I did a distance of a Half Marathon. My first thought was that it may be the shoes. Recently I have been running in my old shoes which have done high mileage and I did not rotate them with a newer pair. So this week I ran in my new shoes and things felt alright. However, yesterday I took part in a ParkRun and did a fairly quick time. The pain came back – lightly.) I ran another 5km and had to stop just to adjust my phone as it was playing up. Just as I walked for a few hundred meters, I was really struggling. The pain was not there when running but was difficult to handle walking. Again, I did the 100 Up exercise and the pain faded slightly. It was still present but not as bad. I carried on for nearly 10km and as I finished and walked, the pain faded away. Now the question is, what am I doing wrong? I have a feeling this time it is something to do with the diet. I must be missing something. We will see what will happen next?

Monday 16th November
No running today. However, I have done 2 exercises. First, it was pushups. I have started doing these a few months back. I start with 8 and work down to 7, 6, etc. Also, the positioning of my arms is different. They are close to the body and farther back behind the shoulders.
The second exercise was a plank, which I held for 2m45s.

Tuesday 17th November
Morning run – 8.6km (5.3 miles). Slow tempo but everything felt good. No knee pain, which was very encouraging. Ran in a fairly new pair of shoes (Puma Faas).
Evening exercises – pushups 8 start and counting down. Next was the plank 2m45s.

Wednesday 18th November – Friday 20th November
No way of hiding it. Very lazy. No running, no exercises. Hence, a very short entry in my Running Journal for the above dates.

Saturday 21st November
A blast of Arctic winds and first frost – no stopping me though. Was due to run with my group but no one showed up. I ran 12km (7.5 miles) during my first run. Ended it with a 100 Up exercise, as my knee was once again sending me signs. Second run an hour later (again, solo as no one showed up for the group run) was much shorter. Only 7.5km (4.5 miles). Tried to focus hard on my technique to keep pain free during the run. Managed to do so quite well. Both runs at a relatively slow pace.

Sunday 22nd November
Again, frosty morning but the air was nice and fresh. Ran 14.5km (9 miles). Slow tempo. Felt the left knee again but done well to focus on my technique and made sure each step was well calculated. During the run I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast. A great way to relax during the run and learn something new. This week I gave very little attention to nutrition. Tomorrow, I will start what I will call liquid Monday’s, meaning mainly shakes and soup.

Monday 23rd November
No running today. Felt I should have a rest after running over 20 miles during the weekend. I did my exercises however. First pushups starting with 9 and decreasing by one each rep until I got down to 1. May not be much but when I started less than 3 months ago, I struggled to start with 5 and work down to 1. Doing these exercises on average of 2-3 times per week, I have greatly improved. I also did a 2:45 plank. I felt a bit of soreness in my calves. Very odd.

Tuesday 24th November
Again no running. I did my pushup exercises starting with 9 and working down to 6. Also a 2m45s plank.

Wednesday 25th November and Thursday 26th November
Still no running this week and to add insult to injury, no exercising either during both days.

Friday 27th November
Finally got up in the morning and went for a run. I did 8.5km (just over 5 miles) at a slow pace. Nice and comfortable.

Saturday 28th November
Started off with a ParkRun at a reasonable pace (21:14) and continued with a group run. I finished off with a couple km on my own. In total, I ran just over 15km (9 miles) at mixed speeds. Nothing to report other than slight tightening of my calves.

Sunday 29th November
3 days in a row running. Today’s run was slow and alright except for the calves which took quite a while to loosen up. Ran nearly 15km in total (9 miles). Although the run was ok, I felt discomfort in my left knee once again after the run?! I wish I was more disciplined and carried on with 100 Up exercise on daily basis!

Monday 30th November
Done my pushups exercises. Started with 9 and worked down to 7. Also, done 2:45 plank. To finish off the day, I did 100 Up exercise.

Tuesday 1st December 2015
Second day of no running. No exercises either.

Wednesday 2nd December
No running but did pushups (9 to 7) and 2:45 plank.

Thursday 3rd December – Saturday 5th December
No exercises, no running. Maybe this will be the turning point. Back in early September I had 6 days off running, which started this whole fiasco. Hope this will be the turnaround. This running journal will hopefully push me to try.

Sunday 6th December
27km run (17 miles). The knee pain appeared around 10k but the more I concentrated on the correct footfall, the more success. The second half of the run was pain free. Pain reappeared when I actually stopped running. Very odd. Did 100 Up exercise.

Monday 7th December
Only did 100 Up exercise. No pain.

Tuesday 8th December – Wednesday 9th December
No exercises, no running.

Thursday 10th December
14.5km (9 miles). Slow pace but no pain.

Friday 11th December
Nothing to report in my running journal.

Saturday 12th December
Total of 9km easy paced running.

Sunday 13th December
5km run with my 7 year old daughter! Her best time to date under 40 mins.

Monday 14th December – Thursday 31st December
I have been very lazy during this time, especially keeping track in my running log. No additional exercises. Luckily, I have my running log which goes as follows:
17th December = 10km (6 miles)
19th December = 14km (8.5 miles)
20th December = 17km (10.5 miles)
24th December = 16km (10 miles)
25th December = 10km (6 miles)
26th December = 10km (6 miles)
27th December = 18km (11 miles)
28th December = 10km (6 miles)
30th December = 10km (6 miles)
31st December = 13.5km (8 miles) + 6km (4 miles)
I experienced a bit of pain in the left knee and left hip as well as left foot (underneath near the heel). However, near the end of the month the pain was mostly gone. All runs were at a slow tempo. The last 3 or 4 runs were in freezing temperatures -5C to -10C.

Bring on 2016!!!

Friday 1st January
8.5km to start off the New Year. No other exercises. Nice slow tempo run. My aim was to start off 2016 with 100 Up exercise daily, however, I only remembered about it when in bed. Will start regular 100 Up exercises from Monday! Aiming to keep regular posts in this running log throughout the year.

Saturday 2nd January
Managed to do 100 Up exercise and spent most of the day driving.

Sunday 3rd January
12km (7.5 miles) run. No other exercises. Slow tempo. Felt good!

Monday 4th January
100 Up exercise!

Tuesday 5th January
100 Up exercise.

Wednesday 6th January
100 Up exercise and 2 minute plank! Looking to be out running tomorrow. 3 days in a row for the 100 Up exercise – looking good!

Thursday 7th January
100 Up exercise and 2 minute plank once more!

Friday 8th January
First run in a while. Managed to do 10km!
100 Up exercise and 2 minute plant done – downhill from this day onwards – caught a cold!

Saturday 9th – Friday 15th January
No running, no planks, however, managed to do 100 Up exercise everyday!

Saturday 16th January
After my longest ever stint without running in over 3 years, I am back in the game. 12km run at a slow pace today and 100 Up exercise completed. On Tuesday, I will be launching a 75 day preparation programme for the Paris Marathon which I want to fully document here in my running journal! The basic concept is that I will be breaking this period into 3 phases – 25 days each.
First Phase (January 19th – February 12th):
Running – regular runs of about 10km (6 miles). No more than 2 days off in a row. 18 – 20 runs in total during this phase. Will have 2-3 longer runs of 15-20km (9 – 13 miles).
Nutrition – cutting out white carbs and sweets, more focus on greens. One day per week fasting (limited to green shakes and water).
Exercises – continuing with 100 Up exercise every day. Inclusion of daily planks throughout this phase.
Second Phase (February 13th – March 8th)
Running – regular runs of about 10km (6 miles). No more than a single day off in a row. 2-3 longer runs 20-30km (13-20 miles). 2-3 multiple run days!
Nutrition – continuation as in Phase 1. Inclusion of more seeds/grains and fats (such as almond butter).
Exercises – 100 Up exercise every day. Pushups and slant board exercises on alternate days.
Third Phase (March 9th – April 2nd)
Running – regular runs of about 10km (6 miles). 1 or 2 longer runs not exceeding 15-16km (10 miles). No running 2 days prior to the big day!
Nutrition – continuing with same concepts as in Phases 1 and 2. At the beginning of Phase 3 will try to carry out 3 day fast.
Exercises – 100 Up exercise every day. Planks and pushups on alternate days.
Let’s see how this will work. Excited to get started!

Sunday 17th January
Another near 12km this morning and 100 Up exercise in the bag.

Monday 18th January
100 Up exercise only… Also, started by Monday fasting. I had a Vi-Shake in the morning and water with lemon juice throughout the day. Nothing more. It ended up being a 24 hour fast. Good way to start the week.

Tuesday 19th January
I know I was going to start the 75 day training plan for the Paris Marathon, however I decided to shorten it to a 10 week plan – which will start on Sunday.
I ran 9km this morning, did the 100 Up exercise and a 2 minute plank.

Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd January
No running. Completed 100 Up exercise and a plank everyday!

Saturday 23rd January
13km run (8 miles), 100 Up exercise and a plank!
Here are the details of the 10 week marathon training plan which starts tomorrow:
Phase 1: January 24th to February 13th
Running – regular runs of 8 – 16km (5-10 miles). No more than 2 days off in a row. Aiming for a total of 15 runs during this phase, including 2-3 longer runs of about half marathon distance.
Nutrition – cutting out carbs and sweets, larger focus on greens and veg throughout the week. A bit more relaxed regime during weekends. Same goes for alcohol. No alcohol during the weekdays.
Exercises – 100 Up and planks daily.
Phase 2: February 14th to March 12th
Running – regular runs of 8 – 16km (5-10 miles). No more than 1 day off at a time. Inclusion of 2-3 longer runs 20-30km (13-20 miles). 2-3 multiple run days. Total runs during this phase 20+.
Nutrition – continuation as in Phase 1.
Exercises – 100 Up exercise daily. Pushups and slant board exercises on alternate days.
Phase 3: March 13th to April 2nd
Running – regular runs of about 8-13km (5-8 miles). 1 or 2 longer runs of about 16km (10 miles). No running 2 days prior to the race!
Nutrition – same as Phase 1 but will try to include 3 day fast at the beginning of this phase. Also, no alcohol, meat or dairy in the week running up to the Paris Marathon.
Exercises – 100 Up exercise every day. Planks and pushups on alternate days.
Ready to start tomorrow!

Sunday 24th January
14km run (9 miles), 100 Up exercise and a plank in the book. Day 1 of Phase 1 complete!

Monday 25th January
Usually Monday is my fast day, but due to a special celebration, fasting was postponed. No running today only 100 Up exercise and 2m10s plank!

Tuesday 26th January
I thought I would fast today but I guess it will not happen this week. No running. 100 Up exercise and plank completed!

Wednesday 27th January
Got out for a morning run 10k. 100 Up exercise and plank!

Thursday 28th January
Second morning in a row out for a run and completed 10k. The standard 100 Up exercise and plank which I am regularly doing for 2m10s this week complete and recorded in my running log.

Friday 29th January
Only plank and 100 Up exercise.

Saturday 30th January
Over 14km running (9 miles) as well as 100 Up exercise and plank.
To sum up my first week, I’ve been out running 4 times for a total of just over 45km and have done the 100 Up exercise and plank everyday.

Sunday 31st January
No running today only my usual two exercises.

Monday 1st February 2016
Went out for a first evening run in a long time and ran 10km followed by 100 Up exercise and a plank which this week I will be doing for 2m15s.
Not to forget, fasting all day today!

Tuesday 2nd – Wednesday 3rd February
Only 100 Up exercise and 2m15s planks done during these days.

Thursday 4th February
10km morning run at a slow tempo. Plank and 100 Up exercise.

Friday 5th February
10km morning run at a slow tempo again, plank and 100 Up exercise.

Saturday 6th February
11km run at slow tempo, 100 Up exercise and plank once again.

Sunday 7th February
15km run at an average pace – lots of hills. No plank or 100 Up exercise today as down with stomach virus in the afternoon.

Monday 8th February
No exercises today – still down with a bug.

Tuesday 9th February
Recovering from stomach bug but still no runs to report in the running log. Done 100 Up exercise and 2m30s plank!

Wednesday 10th February to Friday 12th February
Missed a few days and can’t recall now what I had done. Definitely no running.

Saturday 13th February
Trying to get back on track. Got two runs in today. First a 10 miler and second 10k. Slow tempo but feeling good. Got 50 days left to Paris Marathon. The plan now is to get 500km in the next 50 days in preparation for race day!

Sunday 14th February
12km run today. Started with pushups again as well – done 5-4. 100 Up exercise as well.

Monday 15th February
No running but done 5-4 pushups and 100 Up exercise.

Tuesday 16th February
Again no running but done 5-4-3-2-1 pushups and 100 Up exercise.

Wednesday 17th February
Went for a 10km run in the afternoon. Felt odd sensation in left him (joint) midway through but kept on running. Near the end of the run on a downhill suddenly I had to stop. I had no mobility issues but I had a very weird pain in the hip. Got back home and rested.

Thursday 18th February to Friday 19th February
No running or exercises. The hip seems fine. Think I may have slept awkwardly recently and that is what triggered some nerve.

Saturday 20th Febraury
7 miles and feeling good.

Sunday 21st February
No running but completed 2:30 plank, 5-4-3-2-1 pushups and 6 x 1:15 slant board exercises. 6 weeks left – need to push through!

Monday 22nd February
Lunchtime run! 6km at a quick pace. 2:30 plank, 5-4-3-2-1 pushups and 6 x 1:15 slant board exercises followed by 100 Up exercise!
24 hour fast!

Tuesday 23rd February
No running but completed 2:45 plank, 6-5-4 pushups, 6 x 1:30 slant board exercises and 100 Up exercise.

Wednesday 24th February
Again 6km lunchtime run, 2:45 plank, 6-5 pushups, 6 x 1:30 slant board exercises and 100 Up exercise.

Thursday 25th February
Running log – 6km lunchtime run – no other exercises for the day.

Friday 26th February
Lunchtime 6km run – getting quicker and quicker. 2:45 plank, 6-5-4-3-2-1 pushups, 6 x 1:30 slant board exercises and 100 Up exercise completed!

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