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Review – Nike Dart 10 Running Shoes

Nike Dart 10 (Men)

This being my second pair of Nike running shoes, I thought I’d give them a review. Over 100 miles is a good indication of how a shoe feels and performs both on treadmill and road conditions.Nike dart 9 running shoes I have been running in Nike Dart 9 before (as you can see in the photo on the right), which I was very pleased with, so naturally, I followed on with Nike Dart 10. They may not be as flash as the previous pair but still look good.


Great shoe for starters as well as amateur runners. Light and inexpensive. If you are a beginner, this shoe is just right for you. They provide very good support around the heel but more important for me, good space around the toes! However, the pair of Nike Dart 9 running shoes I had, looked better and I think I will always favour them as they were my first pair of proper running shoes. Nevertheless, Nike Dart 10 are a solid shoe. I have recently started testing Nike Dual Fusion Lite, so keep checking here for their review (they are super light compared to this pair!)

Nike Dart 10

Average Customer Rank: 4.5 Stars

Product Description:

Designed with Motion Fit technology, Nike Dart 10 men running shoes offer improved stability with Reslon midsole. The Reslon midsole provides dynamic and responsive underfoot cushioning. Featuring breathable side panels and shaped and padded ankle collar. Suitable for runners with neutral gait of the foot.
Both for indoor and outdoor use.

Nike dart 10 review men

Inner: Synthetic, Breathable
Upper Material: Synthetic
Waterproof: No
Height: Low Cut
Midsole: Reslon
Sole Type: Rubber
Stiffness: Road Running
Lacing Type: Standard Lace Up

Pros (+):

Available in many colour combinations
Both for indoor and outdoor use
Good traction
Long lasting

Cons (-):

Require additional lace ties
Although light, there are many lighter models on the market
Inner soles are not removable and lack good feel to them

If you are looking to buy Nike Dart 10 or want to see more customer reviews, click on the links below to Amazon store – both US and UK…

Price: £35 – £60 ($45 – $100)

Available colours: wide selection

Where to buy:

My Overall Rank: 4 Stars

Tips When Buying Shoes

When buying your running shoes, go for a larger size. Not just a bit larger. At least a full size. Why? As you run, the energy in your step is pushed forwards and out through your toes. If your shoes are tight fit, that energy hits a wall and starts making its way back to your calfs and knees. It needs to be released out. Also, your foot has better movement on uneven surfaces, it will help to prevent twisting your ankle (the shoe may shift, but your foot will have enough freedom to move around in it and not bend as much with it).
Buy yourself lace locks. You will not need to ever again think of your laces coming undone.

Help Get Fit!

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8 Responses

  1. Karla Vomáčková says

    This shoes are the trash. During two months both heels broke, then side small nets too. Half year past the toe starts came off. My previous boots were nike too. They resist for long time, water, blackberry, mud, i thought these too. I will never buy nike next time.

  2. Sami says

    This running shoe seems to be causing the knee injury and pain as the outer sole is much wider than actual shoe (kind of Pyramid sole). If you walk on indoor in a plain floor it is fine. However if you walk/run in pavement/park, it cause may cause pain because the impact does not go up to the heel on uneven pavement. The impact rather goes side of outer and wider sole which shakes the knee joint.
    This is a very subtle fault which may cause serious joint problem within few months.

    • Marek
      Marek says

      Sami, how long have you been running in these shoes? If you have clocked greater mileage in them by now, chances are that side walls are weaker and you are not getting the right support. I had that in my Nike Dart 9 before. The other issue is, that if you are striking the ground with your heel, then you need to take a better look at your technique. Have a look here for more information
      Hope this helps…

      • Sami says

        Hi Marek
        Thanks for your reply. I am having this shoe for few months but don’t use them much because of knee pain. I have had other pairs of Nike shoes since last 5 years but had never knee pain.If the pain is relating to running technique I suppose I would have pain with other previous rerunning trainers.

        Sadly Nike will never admit the fault because they may have to take out this faulty shoes from the market to protect the public health.

  3. Katie says

    Though your review was very good and helpful

    • Marek
      Marek says

      Thanks very much Katie!

  4. Hazel says

    Thanks Marek, very nice review, so if you have Facebook join me at

    • Marek
      Marek says

      Thanks Hazel!

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