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What To Eat Week Before Half Marathon

Food eat before half marathon

Nutrition Prior To the Race During the training sessions in preparation for the big day, you will have noticed how what you consume effects your running. Ever run in the morning after having a few drinks the night before? How did your legs feel? Heavier, slower? Or how about running a few hours after having… Read More

Don’t Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, EXPAND It

Comfort zone

Expand Comfort Zone In order to grow, we must progress. Many argue, that to achieve growth it is best to step out of your comfort zone. To perform tasks which you are not comfortable with in order to achieve success. But what if you, above all, cherish comfort? How can you step out of that… Read More

Run Slower


Why Am I Running Slower 18 months into my running career and I am still learning. In my first six months I did everything by the book. The pace, the heart rate, the awareness. And then, as I got more confident, new challenges started to pop up. Why run slower, when I can run faster.… Read More

Train Half Marathon – 8 Weeks


8 Week Half Marathon Plan! The countdown has begun. How will you train for half marathon in 8 weeks? To start with, let me ask you a question – have you been running before? With 8 weeks to go, I would expect you to have been hitting the road or treadmill regularly by now. If… Read More

Review – Nike Dart 10 Running Shoes

Nike Dart 10

Nike Dart 10 (Men) This being my second pair of Nike running shoes, I thought I’d give them a review. Over 100 miles is a good indication of how a shoe feels and performs both on treadmill and road conditions. I have been running in Nike Dart 9 before (as you can see in the… Read More

World Run – Run With No Finish Line In Sight


No Finish Line Running May 4th 2014 – the day the Wings For Life World Run will be hosted. The most exciting bit about the race – there is a starting line, but NO finish line – running till a car catches you. I came across the news of this race a couple months back… Read More

Project 10 – Can you lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks?


Lose 10 lbs Fast How much time do you need to lose 10 lbs, 2 weeks? Maybe a month? Some can probably do it in a week. No matter how long (within a reasonable time frame), it is nice to lose those extra pounds. Project 10, part of the 90 Day BodyByVi Challenge is designed… Read More

I Love Running But Extra Exercise Is Needed


Running Is Amazing Here we go, a short summary of where I am at. I started running regularly in November 2012. For six months I did nothing but run. I went from zero to half marathon in 4 months and averaged about 12-15 miles per week. Result: I lost about 10 lbs (5kg) and an… Read More

The 90 Day Challenge

Free shakes

Turn Body Fat To Lean Muscle – The Body Vi 90 Day Challenge! The Body Vi 90 Day Challenge is more than a diet. It is a change of lifestyle. A catalyst! More important, it works. Does it work for everyone? No, nothing ever does. Yet for those who do commit to it, the results… Read More


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