November 5, 2013

Nutrition – It Sounds Better Than Diet

By Marek

Too often we associate the word diet with a strict set of dietary restrictions, preventing us from eating certain foods in order to get in better shape and lose fat. We search for the best way lose weight and very often for quick ways lose weight without looking at the broader picture. Yet the word diet is not that narrowly defined. For millennia it referred to what we eat and drink. It is only the last century that turned this word into a popular synonym with weight loss diets that work – because best way lose weight is by going on a diet – right?

Diet – Is It Necessary

Of course a diet is necessary, it is a part of our life. We cannot survive without food and water but a ‘diet‘ is not, in majority of cases, the solution. Often we seek out the short term gain instead of focusing on the long term, optimum nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all ‘diets‘ are bad – on the contrary, most of them have great features. However, on the whole, they fail to provide the full package. What is good about diets is the fact that they get people to focus on what they are consuming. Those who have enough discipline to follow through will likely research other health and fitness options as well. This may catapult them to change their eating habits leading to healthy diets weight loss and permanent change in their diet.

Whole Foods

Whole foods marketWith the abundance of foods available to us today, we need to start evaluating their nutritional values. There are good diet plans out there but we need to see past them and concentrate on the long term. For me, the start is the elimination (or great reduction) of processed foods. I am constantly on a lookout for a whole foods market in the area, where I can get fresh produce from known sources. Another way is to buy whole foods online. At the moment some of the healthier options are at a premium price but as society starts discovering that we are harming ourselves with the things we consume, I can see good nutritious foods become more widely available at fair prices.

Fitter Through Nutrition

As a start, I am cutting out ‘white’ carbs and am bringing in lots of greens into my diet. Also, sticking mainly to water. As I do my research into nutritious foods, I will be passing on my experiences, focusing on what is available to us so we can all get fitter through nutrition! So stop looking for quick ways lose weight and focus on nutrition.
I welcome your views and comments.

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