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I Love Running But Extra Exercise Is Needed

Running Is Amazing

Here we go, a short summary of where I am at. I started running regularly in November 2012. For six months I did nothing but run. I went from zero to Halfmarathon finishhalf marathon in 4 months and averaged about 12-15 miles per week. Result: I lost about 10 lbs (5kg) and an inch in the waist (3cm), got much fitter and full of energy. I felt great, looked good and did not feel I needed anything more than this. Who would not be thrilled with such results.

On Comes the Challenge

In mid May 2013 I realised that I needed an extra push. Running was amazing and fulfilling, yet there was something missing. Along came the Challenge, more specifically, the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. A challenge centred around a nutritious milkshake, which is more than some diet, it is aimage 90 day challenge I could set myself during which I could strive to accomplish something more. Great idea! What better way to start a new exercise regime than a personal challenge, which I would make public.

90 Days To a Six Pack

Ok, a bit ambitious, but why not. I thought it was possible! That’s the main ingredient – a positive attitude. During the the first half of the challenge, I managed to go from doing zero sit-ups, to over 400 per day (over 11 thousand in 40 days). I lost another 10lbs and 3 inches in the waist (7cm). At the same time I hit the ideal BMI of 22 and life was great. I kept on running as I did before and mainly focused on the abs. As you may have guessed,6pack I did not reach my goal of a six pack in 90 days (20 years of gathering belly fat cannot be erased in such a short period) but made great progress towards it. Hey, there is always another 90 day challenge I could do.

Continued Momentum

During the summer I started running outdoors and found even greater enjoyment in it. The distances also increased to 25-30 miles per week and I was feeling amazing. Doing additional exercises helped me stay in peak form.

Autumn, Injury And Other Excuses

October came and with it excuses. I kept on running but the exercise regime went out the window. No discipline at all. With that, I stopped drinking my shakes regularly and started reaching for less nutritious foods more often. With November came a knee injury which cut my running in half. Results: put on about 6-7lbs (4kg) and about 2 inches in waist (5cm).

The Breaking Point

After fighting a cold for the last 4 days I got myself to the gym for a run on the treadmill – still fighting my knee injury. Although the injury is not totally gone, the run felt good. I managed to do some sit-ups as well on a slanted bench with a Running indoorsweight – and guess what? The same exercises that two months ago were a breeze, proved a challenge today. No, no, no! Things have got to change. Not next month (less than 2 weeks left ’till the New Year), not next week but today!

So off I go! My new challenge starts today. 90 days to the ideal BMI, 90 days to 1h40m Half Marathon, 90 days to turning 3kg of fat into lean muscle!Bmi




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