November 11, 2013

Don’t Wait ‘Till the New Year To Make Your Resolutions

By Marek

Don’t Wait ‘Till the New Year To Make Your Resolutions!

Come the 1st of January many of us decide to start something new, a change in our lives. A healthy diet plan to lose weight, a new exercise regime, take up new classes, change of career and many other things which ultimately are destined to change our lives. Party hatYet, often, it is not the first day of the New Year that brings these events to life. For many it is a day to relax (catching up on lost sleep from the New Year’s Eve party). So, really our year starts on the 2nd of January. Yet again, majority of the time it is not a Monday – of course if you are to start something new, the best day to do it on is a Monday, right? Therefore, our resolutions are pushed back yet another few days and by the time we realise it, January is nearly over and we have not started anything. We are now considering starting in February – with the start of a new month of course.

When To Start Then?

Now! Yes, not on Monday (although I am writing this piece on a Monday), not when the sun will be shining outside (definitely will not happen today). Rainy weatherNot after the next cigarette (for those who desperately need to remember the taste of their last cigarette in their life, ha). Not after having a feast consisting of the largest order of burgers and fries, fried chicken, tacos, chips, a bar of chocolate and a tub of ice cream. Not when I finish doing all the chores around the house. Not after…. Go on, fill in the blanks – what are your reasons for delaying what you really need to start? Actually no, don’t fill in the blanks, instead just START what you wanted to do NOW! No more time wasting.

This Article Was Meant a To Be About a Diet

When I wrote the title for this article, it was meant to be focused on dieting – actually, getting proper nutrition as I would rather refer to it. Yet as I started to write, I can see it being applied to other aspects of our lives. Reverting back to my main objective, let me steer your attention to nutrition and dietary resolutions you will be making – you are considering making changes, correct?

Tough Times Are Approaching

It is nearly the middle of November and I am trying to get you thinking about a diet – a mad man, lunatic? I should have done this two weeks ago, ahead of Halloween – that would have been a laugh. With Thanksgiving around the corner (not for Canadians) and then Christmas four weeks later, and the New Year one weak after that, who would dare set themselves up for failure like that, would you? I’ll tell you what, see those as 3 days out of your next 50. Now are you telling me that 47 days have no meaning, no purpose, no significance. Let’s say your festivities take 3 days for each event, that still leaves you with 41 days out of 50 that you can focus on your nutrition.

Don’t Restrict Everything Everyday

As you can see from the above example, 4 out of 5 days, you can easily commit to a healthier lifestyle and let go for a day. The reason I do not like the word diet is that in these modern days, it is associated with a restrictive plan set out in a space of time, which keeps us imprisoned and during which we need to withhold all our cravings and pleasures. Yet, without these, what have we got to live for? It is the experiences on this planet that we will remember best and in many instances, food will be associated with them. By having a healthier approach to your daily diet, where you are not setting yourself up for failure, you can acquire better habits that will lead to better, wiser choices.

Project 10

Start Now, Reap the Benefits in the New Year

Go on, you know the time is right. Start making small changes today. Let me give you just 3 ideas – 3 things that you can change that will not cost you anything. Implement the changes within a week and let me know how it is working for you.

(1) 500ml (16oz.) of water with lemon juice – drink this as soon as you get up (not 30 mins after), as soon as you open your eyes and set the foot on the floor – or even before you get out of bed if you can. Glass of water
(2) Eat breakfast – not a huge plate of food, but a good serving of nutrients (try high protein, low carb). Also, instead of solids, if you prefer, make yourself a shake. Use fruits or vegetables. Almond milk or coconut water serve as a perfect base with either. BodyByVi Shakes
(3) Water – drink plenty throughout the day. Yes, only water counts. If you are drinking other beverages, do not count them in. Have at least 2 litres (half a gallon) of water a day.

How is that for a start? Please notice, we have not eliminated anything from your diet (at least not yet) but focused on what you need to have. Is that not better, is this not a healthy diet plan to lose weight, both in terms of nutrition and approach? Guess what? The three things listed above, you can have on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!

Start Now and Show Off Your Results at Festive Times

Another incentive of starting now – the look on everyone’s faces when you turn up at family gatherings and Christmas parties with friends. You may not be the one to show off or brag, but I am sure you love a bit of positive attention. And whilst everyone is struggling to start their resolutions in the New Year, you will be already entering it at a great pace with momentum driving you forward.
NOW is the time to start!
When will you start making your changes?