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How To Get More Energy

more energy from running

How To Get More Energy! “How to get more energy,” this was my initial thought. A thought that was born at an Anthony Robbins event. Why? Because after 5 hours of climbing an emotional high, I realised that I was physically drained. What’s worse, even though these 5 hours were semi active, you could hardly… Read More

50 Days To Run Faster – Running Log

run faster

50 Days To Run Faster! I have set out to improve my running speed. Why do I want to run faster? Let’s call it a personal challenge. Last year I participated in the very first Wings For Life World Run. An event with no finish line. How does it work? Well, everyone lines up the… Read More

Running Log – March 2015

running paris

Running Log! Continuing for the second month with my running log. Having started last month, I am dedicated to keep record of my runs and exercises for future reference. Dr Nicholas Romanov encourages this in his book The Running Revolution“. Please feel free to have a read through and I invite you to do so… Read More

50 Days To Run Fast

world run

50 Days To Run Fast! For those who know me, I don’t run to set records (personal ones that is). I often tell other runners to slow down – not in races, but in training. Hence, I practice what I preach. Yet, there is one race in the calendar, which is totally different. It is… Read More

How To Start To Run – Step 2 – The Habit

How To Start To Run

How To Start To Run! My mentor, Anthony Robbins, hits it right on the spot. Do something for 90 days and it becomes a habit. Well, do you want to know how to start to run? We have established earlier that first, it is crucial to make a decision to start to run. Now, make… Read More

Running Log – February 2015

running log

Running Log! Inspired by Dr Nicholas Romanov’s interviews and podcasts, I have decided to start a Running Log. More for myself rather than for an audience. However, if you would like to have a read through, I invite you to do so and encourage you start your own log. Here, I will post my runs… Read More

How To Start To Run – Step 1 – The Decision

how to start to run

How To Start To Run! Are you looking to make running a habit? I will not go into here about the benefits of running on your health, physical fitness and self esteem. All I want to establish is whether you are willing to commit to running? It will take some dedication and patience at the… Read More

Running Clothes For Winter

Nike Toe Socks

Running Clothes for Winter! Right at the start I will stress – I live in England. The winter here is mild. Very damp and rainy but far from the extreme cold and snowy weather that some of the readers may be familiar with. Nevertheless, most of the tips and advice regarding running clothes for winter… Read More

How To Run Far – My 50k Running Experience

how to run far 50k

How To Run Far! I started off with a half marathon. That was the first event I trained for when I began my running adventure at the age of 35. Running came about by chance. It was a means to gain more energy in everyday life. As I got going, I realised that in order… Read More

North Face Etip Gloves and North Face Beanie

running clothes for winter

North Face Etip Gloves and North Face Beanie Winter’s here! For runners, it is yet another challenge. Earlier it was a transition from dry Summer runs to wet Fall weather. This time, it’s battling with the cold. However, cold weather running is as fun as any, you just need to have the right gear. Nothing… Read More

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